Friday, 6 April 2018

Weekly wrap UP 4/6/18-- Easter and lots of school reading

Kind of funny having Easter on the April Fools day.  All day the weather reports kept reporting that it was going to snow in our area.  We woke up to a beautiful sunny day but as the day progressed we got this....

rain mixed with sleet

and then lots of sleet, the weather reported snow was coming but that missed us completely

I am so ready for spring to arrive in our area!!!

My kids are 13 and 16 and I have slowly removing some of the holiday traditions we have done in the past, because I feel they are too old, but some traditions the kids just won't let go.

We didn't get around to this activity until Easter morning.   Everyone insists on Devil eggs on Easter;)

I no longer have easter egg hunts but still do the Easter baskets for the kids.  MarioFan really loved the easter egg hunt so he talked me into making a scavenger hunt for his Easter basket.  I really dreaded it to be honest as I am not great at making riddles or clues.  I kept hoping he would forget but it was not to happen so on Saturday night I was on the computer frantically looking for ideas for how to make a scavenger hunt.  Guess what there are tons of already free clues available!  What a huge sigh of relief, I downloaded a few and cut out the ones I liked and had the whole thing done in about 20 minutes.  MarioFan was so excited that he was up at 7:30 to begin the activity, while the rest of us just wanted to sleep:)

I had them work as a team to read the clues and find the eggs

Some eggs were easy to find ....

but others were a bit harder so I resorted to  "you are getting hot/cold" verbal clues.  lol

They were very pleased:" with the game and and their baskets
I have a feeling that this will be requested again next year!!!

This week our coop is on spring break, but I still had the kids do schoolwork since my husband and I went away a couple of weeks ago and the kids had off school then.

MarioFan and I are working on Human evolution and I ordered this book for us to review in addition to our science text.

MarioFan was assigned this Fiction book to read in his spare time and to write a book report on it.   

We have finished reading All creatures great and small and are on the very last topic for our Literature class -- How to write a research paper!

Teacher notes for teaching the boys how to write a research paper which we did in class

working on an sample activity on breaking down a large topic into a more reasonable topic to research .  We are giving the boys 2 weeks to put together a 2-3 page research paper:)  

Firedrake is now reading this book for her sci fi class in school.  My husband can't wait for her to finish so he can show her the movie and watch the latest movie with Harrison Ford.  

That is our week in a nutshell...staying busy as always!

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  1. It's amazing how much they love certain traditions. I almost forgot to plan out April Fool's day meals. I was honestly just plain exhausted, but did the same thing frantically looking for ideas on Saturday