Friday, 25 October 2019

Weekly Wrap UP 10/25/19-- Scarecrow festival

Our little town has a Scarecrow festival every October.  It started about five years ago and has grown bigger every year.  There are a few people who hate the scarecrows and complain but fortunately they are in the minority.  The festival brings in tourist from other neighboring towns and it brings a little business for our local shops.  This year there are over 100 scarecrows scattered around town.  Here are a few of my favorites this year.

IN the newspaper it said that one of the founding volunteers for this festival died this year and he made over 20 different scarecrows per year.  They memorialize him by making him the leader of the band in this set up.  I thought it was really a nice tribute

Outside the music store where the kids have their piano lessons

outside our favorite Mexican restaurant in town

I love this one, which is outside the motorcycle shop:)

Lots of business included the Stanley cup theme since  STL won last year:)

Popeye, Olive and sweet pea!

There is a voting system going on, so the scarecrow with the most votes wins the trophy this year.
We enjoy walking or driving around town to see who put up a scarecrow.  every year the themes seem to change and this year it is more skeletons and the Stanley cup. Some places are very creative:)!!!

Friday, 18 October 2019

Weekly Wrap UP 10/18/19--Anniversary Trip to New Mexico

My husband and I try to get away as a couple every couple of years just the two of us to reconnect and to just be together. Since this was our 20th anniversary recently we decided to go away on a trip just the two of us.  My husband's dream is to retire in New Mexico one day so we decided to go back and visit and visit a few areas that we might consider living in one day.  In addition we took a few side trips and saw some interesting sites.

Our first day we woke up very early and drove out to the Trinity site.  They only have it open 2 days a year and it has been on our bucket list to see.  We got to see a beautiful sun rise over the mountains

this site is where the first nuclear bomb was tested.  This monument is made of lava stones and is located very near where the bomb was dropped 

the casing that would have held the bomb 

you can still find lots of TRINITITE stones in the area but there is a large sign saying do not remove stones or face arrest:)

model of Fat man

UP close look at a trinitite stone.  Lots of signs saying that the risk of radiation
 is minimal 

the house that the scientist hide in when the bomb exploded which was about 2 and a half miles away.  It was reported that all the windows blew out of the house but otherwise no further damage was done

It is a very barren location 

ON the way back we visited the famous road runner statue along I-10

Looks majestic from the highway but up close you can see it is made of  scraps and trash.  

We visited a western town called Cloud Croft and had a very nice brunch in a haunted resort 

Magnificent views  

Visited White sands national park.  Walked the dunes and even saw a camel! 

husband drew in the sand to commemorate our 20th wedding anniversary trip:)

Ate a a Whataburger as there are now near us.  Honestly I don't get what the fuss is about this chain from our friends in Texas, lol.  Tastes like any other hamburger joint to me.

Once we retire my husband wants to get another camper and we are interested in this particular company as they are known for making better quality campers.  They don't have any dealers near us so when we saw one on the way somewhere we stopped and took a quick peak to see.

Visited another quaint little town called Silver city and did some shopping

Supposedly Billy the Kid lived here..but honestly every where we went there was a Billy the Kid reference, for a person to live only until 21-22 she sure got around the entire state of NM. lol

While on Vacation my daughter recommended a book for me to read.  This  book is excellent and I have now put it on the list for MarioFan to read.  I finished it on the plane and it was so hard not to cry 

On the way home our plane was delayed for nearly four hours due to engine issues  

We had an amazing trip and it was nice to reconnect as a couple.  The kids did amazing on their own and can't wait for us to leave again, haha. The animals were still alive and the house didn't burn down so it was a success all around.  :)  I left MarioFan with a list of school activities to get done and he accomplished all of them, yay.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Weekly wrap up 10/11/19 -- Declaration of Independence and Data Visualization Field trip

For American History we are working towards the American Revolution in our Crash course studies. A field trip was organized to see a copy of the Southwick  Declaration of Independence at Washington University.  We signed up to go and learn some interesting facts about this copy.  The kids and I have seen been to the National Archives to see the handwritten copy several years ago.

The campus of this University is so pretty - reminds me of Europe in many ways!

The whereabouts of this broadside was unknown until 1941, when a private collector offered it for sale for $750.  The Newman family acquired and displayed it on their wall at their home for over 60 years before gifted it to the university.

ON July 4, 1776, 2 days after the approval of the resolution dissolving all allegiance to Britain, Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence.  Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration which Ben Franklin and John Adams edited (More on that later). Congress directed John Dunlap to print copies, known as Broadsides to be sent to every state and to the army.  (information taken from museum brochure)

A copy of the Dunlap Broadside arrived in Rhode Island on July 6, 1776.  Solomon Southwick used that copy to print 29 copies and distributed them throughout the state.  These copies became known as the "Southwick Broadside". When Henry Ward, secretary of the sate assembly signed the broadside, he became the first person to sign ANY copy of the Declaration, preceding even John Hancock, whose name was printed on the broadside to attest its authenticity.   There are only 7 known "Southwick broadsides" copies that survived from the original 29 printed. (information taken from the museum brochure)

Unlike the copy in the national archives which was handwritten and printed on Parchment paper, this copy is printed on rag cloth cotton paper.

After viewing the document we had a short lecture about the edits made to the document.  Jefferson was know for being very intentional in his choice of words for the document and most of Franklin and Adams changes were very small.  However there was one paragraph that was completely omitted (I did not know this).

The group had a great discussion of this paragraph what it meant and why it was omitted.  We also discussed why America decided to stop importing slaves into the country (for economic reasons).
After this we were able to explore another exhibit Called Data Visualization through the years.  I thought it was fascinating.  The curator said this exhibit was in part due to a recently donated time line

Sebastian C. Adams Synchronological Chart 1883

It is over 25 feet long and covers the period from 4004 BC, the biblical beginning of man, to 1871 and transitions between biblical history and secular history.

the chart includes genealogy, cultural development, geography, and history
Color is used to delineate section of the timeline using a technique called Chromolithography

My pictures do not do this amazing time line justice!

We learned that graph paper invented in 1794 and lined paper came about 10 years laters!   William Playfair invented the bar graph! 

Most people have heard how John Snow used maps to track down and locate the water system for the chorlea outbreak in London

Florence nightgale also used date Visualization to determine if soldiers died from injuries or infections and it why hospital staff implement hand washing

Edward Muybridge invented zoopraxiscope,a device for projected moving images.  He completed a number of studies on  animal locomotion!

and of course the future o date visualization is at hand. 

It was a great day at the University museum and we learn so much!  Do not forget to check out the museums in universities near you, you never know what they have on display!

Friday, 4 October 2019

Weekly Wrap Up 10/04/19. -- 20 years Wedding Anniversary

This week my husband and I celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss:). It still feel just like yesterday and forever rolled into one.

Every year my husband dedicates a song to me on our anniversary.  He choose this year Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight".  It was particularly special as he played it on his guitar for me:).   Very romantic!

"20 years since we got married, starting the best 20 years of my life. It’s my annual tradition to commemorate our anniversary with something musical, since I’m not good at my own platitudes. This year she asked me to do something special, and play something myself for her. This should have vocals, but my singing voice makes Dylan fans cringe. Nor could I find a good backing track, so you get the stripped down version, complete with a couple of dropped beats and missed notes. But the sentiment is real, because, like every night, she is Wonderful Tonight."

I am still working on his present which is a stain glass window of Jimi Hendrix,  I need to cut out the background and then solder it all together.  Should only be a couple more weeks till it is done.
Jimi Hendrick at woodstock

We are planning a couple get away very soon to reconnect and we are looking forward to it.