Friday, 21 July 2017

Weekly wrap Up 7/21/17 Herbert Hoover's home and museum

After visiting with family for several days we heard there was a Presidential home near by.  Herbert Hoover childhood home was about an hour away.  The kids needed a break from all the grown up talking and reminiscing so we headed out for the afternoon to visit another President home.  While I talked to the kids about this president it was mostly about the depression and his lack luster presidency.  We learned tons about this man and what he contributed before becoming President of the United States.  I sort of feel like I failed in delve further into his accomplishments with the children in our history lessons, but hopefully this trip filled in the many gaps:)  And I admit I have a greater respect for Herbert Hoover after this visit!

Herbert Hoover lived in this two room home for the first ten years of his life.  His father died when he was about six and his mother died about three years later.  After the death of both parents Herbert was separated from his brother and sister and sent to live with his Uncle in Oregon.  However Hoover always remember his childhood home and came back to visit regularly  

This is a very small home with the just the basics needs

the summer kitchen is at the back of the home.  During the winter months the stove is bought inside the home and use as a source of heat as there is no fireplace in the home.

under the back porch is a cellar door which was used for fruits and vegetables storage

outhouse as there is no running water in the home
His father owned and operated a black smith shop for many years.  Little Herbert remembers doing chores at his fathers shop

the property purchased for the hoover library and museum recreated the small town feel of the property by adding graveled roads and additional homes from that era.

A one room school house

inside the school room

Herbert Hoover's family were Quakers and on the property was a Quaker church  Women and men were sat separately and there are wooden window blinds that can be raised or lower during the prayer sessions as needed
outside the prayer rooms is the cry room for children 

Inside the cry room

While working to the museum and library we found an Isis statue which was present to Herbert Hoover by the Belgium government.  We were very confused by this gift at first but the museum does explain the reason for the gift 

While Herbert Hoover went to Stanford university.  At the age of 23 he read  an ad for a job in Australia, which advertised for a 30 yr old to help run a mining business.  Hoover bought a tweed suit, grew out his facial hair to pass as a 30 yr old and got the job.  He had great success finding gold in Australia and won the respect of the men who work in the mines.

His next job was in China and he arrived approximately 6 months before the Boxer rebellion.  He and his wife had to man cannons and he said he was so happy to hear the music of the arriving Americans to rescue the Westerners in the province.

After World War I Herbert hoover gave up his mining jobs and entered in to the political field for the first time.  he organize food relief for Europe, particularly Belgium, hence the statue found on the grounds.  After WWWII he again organized food relief and had great success.  

the China used at the White house during his Presidency 

Some of his wife's clothing of the time period

recreated living room in one of his other homes

death mask--the dark lines are shadows from the case

Herber Hoover and his wife are buried on these grounds as he always considered Iowa his home and where his roots laid 
My kids and I discussed after visiting why we thought Hoover did not have much success during the depression considering he had great success helping Europe after both World Wars.  We figured it had a lot to do with Congress and the way the government in the US functioned at the time.  But we are going to investigate this further and see if we can better understand the juxapostion of the man and his success and failures.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Weekly wrap up 7/14/17-- Family Reunion

The kids and I went to visit family in Iowa for a mini reunion of sorts.  My father has a large family but my kids haven't met many of their cousins due to our traveling.  My husband wasn't able to join us due to work so I drove us out there for a couple of days and met up with my parents.

My father is one of 11 children and has a very large family.  This is the first reunion I have been around to attend in over 20 years!  It was great to see family again and reconnect

The reason for the reunion is my Uncle Jerry is celebrating 50yrs as a Pizza restaurant owner!!!

My uncle is the one in the back by the oven and got his start working at a Pizza shop called George's.  

He built this restaurant back in the early eighties.  We got to hear a few stories, such as  as the time a competitor threw a fire bomb into the window and a portion of the restaurant burnt down:(  Also during his first Presidency Obama visited unannounced and when my Aunt tried to get into the restaurant she was refused entry by the Secret service even though she is the wife of the owner:)  It was eventually resolved and she got in to met President Obama!

My dad (in the yellow) and four of the five siblings that are still with us.  

My Uncle Jerry and Aunt Lea have a beautiful old home that they have renovated for the inside out.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  My Aunt has furnished it almost entirely of antiques.

The house is registered in town as a historic property!

Right before we left a former coop teacher contacted us and asked if my Husband would dress up in his viking gear and do a mini presentation for her new class.  He will also be going into her class this fall and giving a lecture on viking history!
My husband learned about this period while we lived in England and belongs to the group Regia which is known for its authenticity of the period!!!

I was able to capture a picture as they were filming
Here is the video they posted on line -- I hope this works

We are so disappointed our daughter will not be taking her class this year but this teacher went off to form a new more conservative coop and we decided to try public high school.  My husband and I question our decision every single day!!!!  My daughter loved this teacher last year!

Friday, 7 July 2017

weekly wrap up -- 7/7/17 summer fun and some school

We take a much lighter approach to our summer schedule around here and the kids have already finished up a few of the things I had planned for us to do!  So we are all enjoying more free time!

Firedrake tried a new recipe this week...Chicken Corden Blue.  I try to get her to prepare a meal at least once a week.  We don't always succeed due to busy schedules but I encourage her to look up recipes in my cookbooks and give them a go.  She likes to pick things I have never made before and so far she has always chosen well!!!
First time hammering the meat

adding the fillers, I forgot to take a picture of it but it turned out yummy, I hope she wants to make it again! 
MarioFan and I have been working on the new physic box that just came in the mail.  I still have last years box on the shelf that we never got around too, so we will be doing that one as well this summer.
If you haven't heard of these look them up as they are free for homeschooling families.  We get one every summer to complete and they are easy to do and fun.

Comes with a comic book on a topic and most of the supplies are in the box.  This year I only needed to supply a plastic cup, and an cell phone otherwise all the supplies were in the box!

We are looking at sound and vibrations and we use Dad's guitar to illustrate pitch and vibration

The box had direction on making straw trombones but I couldn't get it to work so I found a video on line with different instructions and we had success

I warn you, confiscate these right after the experiment if you want to keep your sanity later;)

This box came with four different experiments emphasizing sounds, vibration, pitch and frequency.

You see my hands here as MarioFan has taken to biting his fingernails and couldn't get the sound to work:)  But he did the experiment with me LOL

One of the experiments was to show how you can see vibrations and sound waves  using a laser light.

using an app we could make the laser dance on the wall depending on the volume and pitch of the sound.  

I have had more time in my stain glass studio and finished another glass piece for my husband.

My husband is a huge Washington Capitals Hockey fan so he wanted this for his office

I had to use a marker to do the eye but everything else is glass

He is very happy with it and it is going to be both his father's day present (late) and early birthday present:)

Next I found some bevels I have been saving and decided to work on a new lead panel piece for the house

This didn't come with a pattern so I had to design my own.  I am not as skilled with this process but  I like what I came up with

Added in all the glass lines  and then got started cutting glass

I just need to begin the lead process and it will be complete. I decided to use only one color glass which I think emphasizes the bevels :)

 I promised the kids that we would go to six flags at least once a week if they are cooperative with their school work.  We have season passes and live close by.

There is a new ride this year and it isn't too bad, even I can ride it:)

Every once in a while I can talk the kids into riding the large Ferris wheel:) which is more my speed of ride these days
My husband is going to take off one day in July and August and spend the day with us at the hurricane harbor water park:) I just love floating in the lazy river holding his hand;)

That is what is going on in our home at the moment.  Next week the kids and I are going to a mini family reunion.  Hubs has to stay home and work:(

Hope you are enjoying your summer break!!!