Friday, 23 February 2018

Weekly wrap UP 2/16/18 -- Helen Keller and Homer

For History MarioFan is reading Homer's epic story as we begin to delve into our Greek history. He is enjoying this book and he remembers in drama club 2 years ago doing a play on the Trojan War so that is helping:).

In Literature we are reading Helen Keller's autobiography and doing a few projects to better understand her life.  The boys are also learning how to write a autobiography and are going to be writing their own life stories very soon.

We had the boys eat their lunch one day blind folded.  Normally these two talk non stop but on this day they had to concentrate so they were really quiet.   Maybe we should have them eat blindfolded everyday;) for a little peace and quiet lol

For dessert I bought each boy a sweetheart box of candy that they had to open blindfolded.   They did not know what the box was as I only told them to try to open it, once they did the could eat them while watching a movie.  

The boys watching the Hellen Keller movie we chose the recent version as it had the best reviews.

Next we gave a brief lesson on sign language and did a few other activities to help cement how Hellen overcame many life obstacles.

We watched a few videos on how she communicated and even found one where we could hear her talk.  Helen Keller caused quite a bit of controversy in the Deaf community when she advocated that deaf children should learn to speak rather than use sign language.  A skill she wanted to master but never reach perfection on her speaking skills. Something that always bothered Helen.

We did a few activities where the boys had to experience what it was like to be blind:)

Learning deaf/blind manual alphabet signing-- I didn't know that there are several types of signing during Helen's lifetime.

Trying to figure out what the signer is signing in the hand.  

Learned Braille and watching a video on how a braille typewriter works.  We were surprised to learn that during Helen's lifetime there was no standard system and she had to learn several different reading fonts while attending school.

Having the boys try to read braille and figure out a word while looking at the Braille handout.

Writing Braille worksheet
The boys are working on their writing assignment and next we will be doing a short poetry lesson.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Weekly Wrap UP Wizard Con and Surgery

OMGoodness we had an interesting week.  On Monday Morning my husband woke up and felt pain on his right side.  We thought it might just be kidney stones as the pain had not gotten really intense. However after visit with our Doctor he was sent immediately to get a Cat-scan to determine if it was appendicitis.  No sooner than the technician finished the Cat-scan then we were rushed to the ER for emergency surgery.  By this time the pain had increased and he was beginning to get uncomfortable.  

He looks in pretty good spirits here.  Fortunately we caught it in time and he could have the laparoscopic surgery.

Home after surgery the next day!  He took the rest of the week off to recuperate.

To say the month of Jan and Feb has been awful health wise for this family is an understatement, first the flu virus and then surgery.  I am not the most patient person/nurse in the world and two months of someone being sick is just too much for me.  I am ready for everyone to be healthy!!!!  

The day before the emergency surgery the family went to Wizard Con in our area.  This was the first time MarioFan and I attended.  Last year my husband took Firedrake by himself to Comic con.  Warning lots of pictures of different characters we saw there, many I had no clue what they were!

Firedrake used all her Christmas money to create her costume, Taako.   I had to help her create a leather arm band and do a tiny bit of sewing to get the costume ready.
Firedrake was the only member of the family to dress up this year

I had no idea how busy this was going to be.  This is the windy line just to get inside just 10 minutes after opening.

I saw Granny in line with her daughter and I had a laugh.  She really took on her role:)

Firedrake found another Taako:)  


Tons and I means tons of booth selling things.


MarioFan found a booth showing Virtual reality games

I had a hard time pulling him away

Team skull

Rick and Morty Artist drawing Firedrake a picture

Dr Octopus from spiderman


Pennywise and Georgie 

I had to be educated on what Fursuits were.  I am so out of touch, lol

Squirrel girl

Several T-rexes were wondering around:)



One I recognized -- Mary Poppins:) so cute 

My Taako with Pennywise

They had a seminar on how to build your own R2D2

Mina Asahido

Lots of booths with some very interesting head gear for sale


Another Taako

Lots of Doctor Who fans 

Reptile booth which Firedrake always loves.  She is determine to have a snake one day -- right after she moves out of my house ;)

Firedrakes holding a Kestral 
While MarioFan preferred the barn owl.

Some creepy character we couldn't identify

General Phasma as a medieval knight

Magnus Burnsides

Yang Xiaolong, Cinder fall, Roman Torchwick, and Neo

Dead pool

MarioFan found the computer gaming table and it was impossible to get him away from it.  He loved being able to play with other gamers right there, even though he has these games at home.  I will never fully understand the gaming obsession.  So while he played I people watch and got lots of pictures of characters walking by.

I had fun people watching and seeing all the costumes!  Firedrake was in her element!  We stayed about four hours before the crowds got to much for all of us!