Friday, 30 March 2018

weekly wrap up 3/30/18-- Character sketches, Hopper and NHS

***Late post due to my computer being down all last week***

For Literature the boys have been reading the book All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot.  The book is full of interesting characters so we have been working on understanding Character sketches.

going over the stick figure man and the general rules of what to include  (but not every one is used) when writing a character sketch

I found lots of free resources and I purchased a few inexpensive worksheets from pay (one of my favorite sites)

Next we watched an episode of the British TV series about the books and the boys did a few character sketches from the show (as the characters in the show were slightly different from the book)  We also did a few character sketches from the books and made comparisons.  Somehow I missed getting pictures of this activity:(

The boys finished their Light house watercolor painting this week.  Considering how much neither boy enjoys art I was pretty impressed with their work.  Most of the time they rush though the work so they can go play.  However this time around I made them really slow down and really concentrate on their work.  Anyway here is the results!!!

I think this is their best art project of the year!  

I have some super news!  Firedrake was selected based on her grades at public school to apply for the National Honor Society (NHS). I was a little surprised she would be considered since she is only going to public school part time.  However the school assured me that that would not be held against her and to go ahead and apply.  Last month she wrote an essay emphasizing 4 characteristics of the NHS and get five teacher recommendations from the school.  We just heard that she was accepted and will be formally initiated into the NHS in April!  Returning to public school part time has been an interesting experience, some good, some bad, but I am pleased that being in school only part time has not been a hinderance for Firedrake.

Parent teacher conferences for the high school were held this month and since Firedrake had straight A's last semester (3 classes), the school handed out 2 free tickets to a Cardinals baseball game for all straight A students.  Firedrake decided to give the tickets to her brother and Dad since she is not really a baseball fan.  I will find another activity for her to enjoy to celebrate her success in her first semester in public school.

I am still bringing myself up to speed after our holiday (last week) so this week has been a bit more disorganized than usual.  I crazily scheduled the kids and I to have dentist appts this week (morning) and a a.m. Doctor appt for a well visit for one of the kids.  I don't know what I was thinking when I scheduled these things before my Carribean vacation!  School has been a bit out of sorts as I try to reorganize and get back into the swing of things:)

Lastly my husband and daughter attended the March FOR our Lives event in the city.
Firedrake feels very strongly about this issue especially since she has returned to school

My husband and I are gun owners but we feel strongly that there should be more stringent rules and laws for gun ownership.  

My husband bought this at one of the booths at the event 

I am not interested in debating with anyone about the March or gun laws so if you do comment please avoid that particular topic.  I know it is a hot button issue:)  Thank you

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