Our Family

Hi there and welcome to Life Adventures!!   I am a home schooling Mom of 2 children and you will find my approach to be very eclectic in nature.    We have been home schooling for 10 years and really enjoy it (most days).

Meet My Wonderful Family

My Viking Warrior (husband)  he loves history and is currently involved in Early Medieval (as he says, "don't call it the Dark Ages!") history reenactment in England.  The group he belongs to is Regia Anglorum and it is well known for accurately portraying the Viking, Saxon, and Norman peoples and cultures of the British Isles from 950-1100 A.D.  My husband is also a music lover and is my amazing computer tech support.  He is a wonderful father and my biggest supporter and fan.  We have been married for 19 years and are each other's best friend!

Princess my oldest and only daughter is a spirited child who loves to laugh and tease.  She is very creative and loves to read, draw and act.  She is very bright and keeps me on my toes!!!

Little Man is my youngest and only son who loves to cuddle with his mommy.  He has a stubborn streak that he didn't inherit from me;)  He is a fun loving kid who always seems to find mischief!!!

Then there is ME--I am MOM and wife of this little family.  Before becoming a stay at home mother I had a 20 year career in Occupational Therapy but gave it up after my children were born.  I love to travel, read, photography and create stain glass windows and baskets.