Friday, 18 January 2019

Weekly Wrap UP 1/18/18. Mary Cassatt and Les Miz play

For Art we are learning about Mary Cassatt-- and for the first time this year I completely forgot to take pictures of the art project:(

some of the books we looked out to get to know the art better

learning about her art and life.
For the art project we did Monoprinting and it was messy, hence the reason I forgot to take pictures.  we had rollers, paint, papers flying everywhere.   We also try a little bit of styrofoam printing as I could not find any linoleum blocks cheap.  Not one of our better art assignments but they can't all turn out great!

Here are a few mono printing videos we looked out before attempting it ourselves

If you try this at home you have to work fast because paint (at least ours did) dries out quickly so even our finished projects were less than spectacular :(.

Our local Co-op was able to get student priced students to see Les Miserables at the Fox theater in the city.  Tickets were only $60 a piece so we grab four and went to the theater one evening.  My husband was suppose to go but ended up out of town for a business trip so I took a friend with us.  It was an amazing night.

We are getting back into the swing of schooling.  Firedrake did excellent in public school and is now starting a few new classes, which I will document a bit later:)