Friday, 18 September 2020

Weekly Wrap Up 9/18/20 -- School work update for 11th grade

 MarioFan has been working at a full school load for a couple of weeks and we are slowly getting in the grove.  He has begun all three of his online classes.  Two are with Outschool, Economics and Chemistry, and the Spanish is a class with a private tutor.  

For British Literature we have read a few poems from William Blake and looked at 2 sonnets from Shakespeare.  Now we have started with our first novel of the year.  We are listening to the audiobook version while reading along.  Also using course hero website as it gives a great analysis of each chapter.  

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
We completed our first chapter test for Algebra 2.  MarioFan prefers to read the lesson in the book rather than listening to the lecturer on the computer.  So far he seems to be doing pretty well with this method.  Math is not my strong suit so he really has to figure this out on his own because I am of no use anymore.  I can only guide him to other sites to get additional knowledge if it is needed.

MarioFan has begun his online classes!  Workload is manageable for now.  But for the first time he is having more school work to do on the weekends in order to keep up with all the homework the online classes have and still do the stuff I require during the week!  At first he thought it was unfair that he had to work on the weekends until he spoke to his best friend and found out how much school work he was doing and how he was staying up til mid night to get all his online course work done!  His friend is doing online courses with a different company.

Electronics program finishing up lesson 3.
During the next 18 weeks he will be building a roving robot with a camera
built the chassis of the robot

Spanish class--for the first time MarioFan is using google classroom and trying to figure out this new system for managing his assignments.  
The first day and everyone trying to figure out the technology.  It will be a challenging class for MarioFan as the emphasis is speaking in Spanish, which is what we wanted, but where he is a bit weak

Economic Class has begun online we just completed the third class online and in addition we are watching Crash course videos to supplement.

He loves the dual screen as he can take notes and watch the lecturer

Chemistry class has begun online and in addition we are watching Crash course videos to help with class discussions.  
He completed his first  experiment measurement and density of aluminum foil. 

We are at a full school load.  We start at about 9 am and finish usually by 3-4 pm with an hour break for lunch in addition to several shorter breaks when needed.   So he does about 5-6 hours a day with about an 1-2 hours of homework over the weekend.   We are still working on organization and figuring out class technology and trying to keep on top various class emails.  All good skills to learn now before heading off to college:)