Friday, 16 August 2019

Weekly Wrap UP 8/9/19--Dude perfect show and Stained glass projects

MarioFan is a huge fan of the you tubers DP otherwise knows as Dude Perfect.  Often during lunch break he shows me their latest new video release.  I have to admit I kind of enjoy them as they are funny and entertaining.  For his birthday he got tickets to see their show which was playing for only one night in our city.  He was so excited:)!!!

Picture of their truck-- My husband and daughter aren't as aware of this group so were not really sure of what to expect

Enjoying the show
I got a picture of the show stars-- MarioFan wanted a t-shirt but the lines were out of this world long and there was no way I was going to stand in that line, so I promised him I would buy him a t-shirt online when we got home.

Firedrake thought the show was lively and full of energy and is now a fan.  My husband was lost and not exactly sure what the heck was going on with most of the skits but the audience full of kids did and it was a loud rambunctious crowd!

I have been busy working on a few glass projects in my workshops and am making progress.
I made a dragon sun catcher for my daughters car:)
I used iridescent glass so the wings change colors in the sun

Glass spinners are the in range in all my stain glass groups so I had a go at it.

I now have two hanging from my porch

I have been slowing making progress on my Tiffany lamp.  I have all the pieces cut out just need to foil it...but I got another pattern and just had to do it so I put my lamp aside so I could work on my new Thistle pattern.
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The pieces all cut out:)
I got it finished and just need to hang it up.

I want to hang it in this window above the front door, but need to hire someone with a long ladder to get up there:)

I have been on a bit of a spending spree for my stain glass and have bought a few additional projects to add to my ever growing list of things to make.
I found these neat wooden frames that I intend to find the perfect stained glass pattern to incorporate into them.  I also bought some wooden planks that I intend to transform with glass...Lots of ideas are brewing in my head now to find time to make them come to life:)
I also bought four bird kits and they will be put in the high windows in our school room,:)

I got four of them cut out and will be working on getting them assembles next weekend

I plan on putting this one in the window in our school room 
another set of birds
Cardinals are one of my favorite birds 

Lastly I am going to try to make a glass pattern out of this picture, a new challenge for me.  I do have someone in a glass group who is mentoring me in how to do this.  He makes lots of these types  of projects and since my husband is a guitar player he wanted me to attempt a Jimi Hendrix window for his office:)
My husband choose Jimi at Woodstock for the pattern 

This is my first rough draft but I still have some work to do.  The face I am using is the pattern from my mentor as that was a bit hard for me but the rest is all me:). My husband would love me to get this done by Oct as a gift to him for our 20th wedding anniversary :). 
I also made a dragonfly sun catcher and hung it in my car window.

I love watching it dance around as I am driving along.

We have slowly started to resume school with the goal to be at full speed by the time Co-op classes begin the first week of September:).