Friday, 13 April 2018

Weekly wrap up 4/13/18--Spring Piano Recitals and Hamilton

OMGoodness, my wonderful husband surprised my daughter and I with tickets to see Hamilton!  I had been trying to win tickets though the $10 lottery the theater was running, but it was a long shot.  My husband just happen to click on ticket masters one day and 2 seats were mysteriously available (the play has been sold out for months) and at a reasonable rate (still more than I would have paid but my husband bought them anyway).
We went out to dinner prior to the play

Firedrake purchased a Hamilton t-shirt:) from the concessions

We had amazing seat only 10 rows back from the stage!!!!  We got so lucky with these tickets

The show was fantastic the singing, the dancing, the lighting, music it was everything we had hoped for

My daughter has been obsessed with the Hamilton sound track for months and both she and MarioFan have most of the lyrics memorized!  She has studied Hamilton and many of the names mentioned in the play all on her own.  I have downloaded the book and it is on my list to read.

To say my husband was our superhero that evening is an understatement!!!  Every time I glanced over at Firedrake during the show she was smiling from ear to ear!  It is a memory we will both cherish for a long time.

Also this week was the kids spring piano recital.  Both kids performed 2 songs at their Piano recital.

Firedrake playing Darkness falls by composer Phillip Wesley

Firedrake playing Unbridled Spirit by composer Phillip Wesley.  Unfortunately our camera video did not take during the recital so we had her redo the performance at home:)

MarioFan struggled a bit with his two pieces but it is a lesson learned that practice really is important!

MarioFan playing Hey Jude by the Beatles

MarioFan playing Chanson by Faber

I ordered my first curriculum choice for next school year for MarioFan!  Firedrake is trying to decide if she wants to return to Public school full time.  So I am holding off ordering curriculum for her at the moment.

We are starting to find find we are finishing up some of our curriculum so are school work is actually starting to get a bit lighter, but for some reason my schedule is still busy running the kids to all their activities.

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  1. They both did wonderful!! It's crazy that it's time to start planning and ordering for next year already! We are jealous about Hamilton!! What an awesome surprise!!