Friday, 9 March 2018

weekly wrap UP 3/09/18 -- Rousseau, Greeks and All Creatures Great and small

We have begun a new book for our Literature, which MarioFan and I do with a friend.

I can't believe I have never read this book!  So I am reading it along with MarioFan:)  Great book but there are some swear words so if that is worry for your family, preview it first.
boys are learning about Character sketches and their are plenty of unusual characters in this book!

For art we have been working on  Henri Rousseau.  We usually do two art projects for each artist we studies but I had a really had a hard time finding an additional project to do with this artist.  Everything I found online was about his jungle paintings.  Since that was already the Meet the Masters project we only did one project this time around.

Some of the books we looked at to learn more about this artist

Talk to the boys about right brain drawing and tried a few different types

got to work on our Meet the masters art project which is recreating the jungle painting

While Rosseau did lots of art about far away places he actually never traveled to any of the places he painted.

Completed work:)  
This is a fun book to read for MarioFan as it mentions all the gross and unusual things the Greeks did.  We haven't tried the TV show yet. I need to look into it:)
Image result for groovy greeks

We also worked on completing our timeline for the Greeks.  I am impressed we are still keeping up with this project, fingers cross we continue;)
Our timeline notebook is getting quite busy:)

My parents have arrived to visit for the week as this is spring break for Public schools.  Coop doesn't have their spring break until the April.  We will be very disjointed  next week as we try to juggle everything:)

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