Friday, 16 March 2018

weekly wrap UP 3/16/18 -- Edward Hopper, Herriot and an unexpected visitor

We had an unexpected visitor this week and it is tearing up my Garden!

A wild Armadillo!  My kids have seen it a couple of times but this is the first time I have caught sight of it and got in a few pictures. 

I have never seen one alive before and always thought they were cute looking.  Although  that has changed as I now know just how destructive they are for your garden:(

I wish he would stay in the woods otherwise I will have to figure out a way to remove him and transport him to a new location :()  

If you have ever had any dealings in how to gently encourage an Armadillo to stop tearing up your garden please leave me a note:)

For art we are working on learning about Edward Hopper.
Some resources we used along with Meet the Masters program.

learning about the artist and looking at some of his artwork
I really liked this artist very simple art work with simple lines and colors so we ended up spending two weeks looking at his work and 3 works working on art projects 

Working on the Meet the Masters art project

Beach scene emphasizing horizontal lines.

Next we worked on a water color painting, again emphasizing lines in the art.  This time more vertical lines were used.  We took 2 weeks to complete this water color project and really emphasized to the boys to slow down and be more deliberate with their brush strokes.

I found this free project on Pay  It also used the right brain drawing that we had just studied for our last artist using Meet the Masters.

I lightly made grid lines on art paper and the boys then using a ruler and the picture guide drew their on lighthouse and farm house.

then we worked on painting just the grass and the sky this week, as we ran out of time.  We will complete the work next week!  I reviewed how to use watercolor as their really is an art to it.  Too much water can make a mess of it if you are not careful!

MarioFan's friend decided to do a sunset sky for his picture while Mariofan decide to do a clear blue sky:)

You will get to see the finished project next week:), hopefully!

MarioFan has reacher another milestone in his life.  It is official!!!!

He is taller than his DAD!!!  My husband is no longer the tallest in the house and I think MarioFan still has a way to grow!     I been looking up at my son for a while now lol

That is are week in a nutshell:)  Hope you are having a fun week as well!

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  1. My younger son is officially the tallest in our house now. We love meet the masters. Great week.
    Blessings, Dawn