Friday, 31 March 2017

Weekly wrap up 3/31/17

Firedrake had her Spanish presentation this week for class.  She was presenting a story she wrote in Spanish.  In her story she talked about eggs and bacon so she wanted to bring in a treat for the kids to munch on while listening and translating her story into English her story.

We found a very cute candy fried egg and bacon treat.  We figured this would be easier then making real eggs and bacon. to take to school.

We simply melted white chocolate discs and spread it out on wax paper into odd shapes.  We added yellow MM's for the egg yolk and two pretzels for the bacon slices.

the treats were a bit success and so simple.  Most kids were able to figure out what they were suppose to be based on the story, which my daughter was relieved about.
MarioFan and I are starting a new science unit and I have chosen this book to work from.  In addition I am for the first time going to make up tests after each chapter and work with him on how to study for tests.  I am also teaching him how to take notes while reading a book.  Due to handwriting issues he is learning to take notes via typing on the computer.

Our first experiment was to create mold. Mold forms and spreads very quickly with moistened bread 

whereas dry bread takes a bit longer to develop mold.
For history we are continuing to understand the cold war and looking at the many complexities of that era.

Next week is spring break for us and our coop so I will be take a small blogging break to so a bit of spring cleaning and yard work, at least that is my plan:)


  1. We did a mold experiment with sliced american cheese one year. It never molded even after weeks in a wet environment!. How many chemicals must be in it to keep it from molding? We agreed that we will never eat sliced american cheese again lol!

  2. Looks great and gross at the same time ~ LOL! Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Dawn