Friday, 14 April 2017

Weekly Wrap UP 4/17/17

Last week was spring break for us so I took a mini blogging week off in the hopes of getting some work done around the house. Instead we finally got the insurance company to pay for the repainting of our ceiling in the living room due to water damage from an old roof that they repaired months ago.  We have had to deal with our insurance company a lot recently and it has been a royal pain in the neck.  Even after we paid our deductible they still took forever to agree to the price quoted by not one but three painters.
So for most of the week our living room looked like this:( But once the painters were gone I was able to get a good cleaning of the living room as we put the furniture back in the room.  

I signed MarioFan up for a Science class at one of the local Universities.  We will be attending every Wednesday for the next six weeks and the topic is The Brain and Nervous system.  I have heard excellent things about this program.  While it isn't our official science topic at this time, we have covered it before and I am hoping it will be a nice review for him.

We have attended several science lectures at several local universities for homeschoolers.  

Kids were there for just over an hour and learned about the parts of the brain and how and why scientist study the brain

A human brain was brought out and the kids got to hold and examine it.  It was also explained to the kids (and adults) that no pictures could be taken of the human brain as it was disrespectful to the person who donated their body to science.  MarioFan and I had a nice little discussion about that in the car on the way home:)

For our small book club the boys have chosen to read the Westing Game.  I have found tons of activities for free on the web for us to use while we read this book.  We start next week and we are all pretty excited to begin!

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