Friday, 24 March 2017

Weekly Wrap up 3/24/17 JA Bizztown

The highlight of the week for MarioFan was attending JA Bizztown!  We did this two years ago and he loved it!  He wanted to attend again and we have been working on this program with a friend so both boys attended.  MarioFan job for the day was working for the utility company as a Customer specialist.
ON this day only Homeschool kids were there and it was big group from all over the state

MarioFan had to start the day with paperwork and he has decided he hates excessive paperwork and wants a future job with no paperwork.  Good luck with that son;)

One of his jobs was to check all the business (there are 16) and record their electric meter reading and give them to his boos so the other companies can be charged.

MarioFan was also interviewed for his job and how the community can conserve energy

He was very excited to be on TV

Another job was to go to each job and educate business on how to conserve their energy and to change filters.

If you have a Junior Achievement opportunity in your area I highly recommend it as the learning experience is unbelievable.  Next year MarioFan is old enough to try the older section which includes more adult activities like finding a apt, buying a car in addition to holding down a job!

MarioFan  is reading the book "The Giver" for his book club this month.  We used a new literature guide as our main resource.  For my secular readers I would avoid it as it had way too many biblical references in it.  We just skipped those sections as I felt they were unnecessary to the point of this book.  Someone else might feel completely differently.

this is an excellent book and we had many interesting conversations about this dystopian lifestyle.  both boys wanted to do the next book in the series until we found out the main character in this books does not carry over into the next book:(.  So after much discussion we all voted to chose a new book and one that has more hands on activities.  I will announce our new book next week as the boys are still researching what they read next out of the four choice us Moms gave them:)

Firedrake loves anime and we found a club for her to attend in the city, currently it meets 2X a month and she attended her first meeting and LOVED IT.  She is also planning on attending and dressing up for the local Comic Con that is happening locally in May.  We have been busy looking in second hand shops for various items that we can use to create her outfit.  I have been trying to help her sew and construct her outfit but it is hard to do when my sewing machine is acting up again:(  So we are hand stitching which is not my speciality.  Actually sewing in general is not a strong suit of mine.  I have been very strict and have made Firedrake pay for most of her outfit out of her allowance.  My husband and I will pay for the entrance into the Comic Con.

We still have to find a wig and shoes to go with her  anime character.  She is going as Anri Sonohara .  She really wants to get colored contact lenses but my husband and I vetoed that idea down
My husband is going a Shepard from Firefly and I am working on his costume which should be much easier to put together, I hope!

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  1. Ok...that Biztown thing looks great! I hope they have a great job at the comic con event. Our kids did. They want to go back to the next one near us in the summer.