Friday, 17 March 2017

weekly wrap up 3/17/17

This week the kids and I went on a field trip to see a play called "A Thousand Cranes" at our local Botanical Gardens.  The play was about a little girl and the aftermath of Hiroshima.  There is also a book about this story that you can find in the library.  It is a very sad story but important to learn about the effects of the atomic bomb.

No pictures during the play but it was very well done and we all had tears in our eyes when we left

Afterward we took a walk around the Japanese gardens and talked about the play

Mario Fan practicing his presentation for his Spanish class at coop.  He has been working so hard on learning about PERU!
His topics were to talk about the map/geography of Peru, learn about the Guinea Pig festival and find a game that was practiced in Peru.

MarioFan during his class presentation.  Everyone loved the Sapo!  He also planned on wearing  an Andes poncho and straw hat for his presentation but we forgot them at home:(
He wanted to bring in our pet Guinea pigs to show and tell but in the end we left them at home and just took in a picture.  The guinea pig festival in Peru is fascinating until you get to the part where they eat them:(  

For our History lessons we have begun studying the Cold War!  We always start of watching Crash Course videos to introduce new history topic which my kids love.

We looked at the causes and  effects of the Cold War

and we made a list of things happening around the world during the Cold War many of which we will touch on in the weeks to come.

MarioFan has completed his Growing with Grammar book and is about a month away form completing his spelling and math programs:).  I probably won't start grammar again until next September and I have decide not to resume a spelling programs since he appears to be a natural speller:).  Math however I will continue to have him work on with worksheets I find on the web so we don't get too rusty:)  before beginning pre algebra next year.  

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