Friday, 2 December 2016

Weekly wrap up 12-2-17 Museums

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...should have been interesting for some of you after the election two weeks ago.  We decided to stay home and keep it very small with just us and the kids.  :)  It was quite relaxing although my son did become ill the day after Thanksgiving for a few days, luckily no one else got sick and he made a fairly speedy recovery:).
You know a child is really sick when they take a 2 hour nap instead of playing video games on their day off:)!!!!

Last week Coop was out for Thanksgiving break so this week we are getting back into the swing of things. We took the opportunity last week to visit the local art museum which had a Japanese art exhibit.  This is a topic we are discussing in our home as this exhibit focused on art from the late 1800's to just before WWII and the rise of Japans military and Nationalism.

Most of the art used a wood block style of art.
There were many pieces that showed games and how the rise of Japan's nationalism was ingrained into children

This games was similar to chutes and ladders but again using militaries as the main theme

Art showing how Japan and the western world worked together to defeat Germany during WWI, Japan expected to gain acceptance by the Western world for it role in the war but that did not happen and it made Japan quite angry.

I think this was my favorite pieces a depictation of an underwater battle, which I doubt ever occurred, sort of reminds of the battle from 20,000 leagues under the sea book:)

My daughter tried to read the Japanese writing on many of the paintings but she still has a way to go.  

We saw lots of scroll type art as well.

After WWI many Japanese elite tried to conform to Western dress in the hopes that the Western world would take them more seriously...that did not happen and is one of the reason for Japans reasons to enter WWII against the USA

Many artist depict war stories --  This one is of a Japanese solider carrying a Chinese child into battle.  It sort of hints of the mercy of the Japanese soldiers towards the Chinese, but in reality the Japanese were quite brutal the the Chinese during the Manchuria war

We saw lots of Kimonos

and the art of Japanese Fans

The kids and I learned a great deal about this time period as it gave an interesting perspective of the rise of Japans Nationalism which we have been talking about at home.  We also got a better understanding of Japans aggressive moves on China and other asian countries prior to WWII and why they were wanting to increase their dominance in that area.

We also decorated our Christmas tree this past weekend

The kids have reminded me we still haven't got their new christmas ornament so we need to do that as that is a tradition for us

My Husband and I were able to plan a quick date night and went to the local botanical gardens to see their Christmas lights which we do every year:).  We will be going back and taking the kids in a week or two as they love to go as well.  It was nice to just get out as a couple and wander around.  Plus the gardens serves Hot chocolate with Baileys which is my favorite hot drink:)

This year they had a few new things but there were also many of the same things from last year.  We didn't visit the Christmas train as we are waiting to see it with the kids.

We also met up with a friend to tour the local children museum during the Thanksgiving break and I had a chance to introduce MarioFan to our next topic in science -- simple machines:)

Pulleys exhibit:)  I was able to sneak in a few things as the boys played and that I will be recalling in the next few weeks:) I am sneaky like that:)

There was also a Chess exhibit and we go the boys to play a game:)
And that was our Thanksgiving break in a nutshell:)  Busy but fun and there was even a day or two where we just relaxed:)

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  1. That is a neat exhibit! Glad Mario was better quickly and no one else got sick