Friday, 9 December 2016

Weekly Wrap Up 12-9-16 Radio Station field trip and simple machines

In our Homeschool Science unit MarioFan is learning about simple machines.  This week we learned about Levers and built different kinds using our Knex kit.  We discuss when you might use different levers and went around the house looking for levers that are commonly found in the home (I forgot to take a picture of our results:( but we did find a few)

Seesaw as a class one lever

Wheel barrow as a class two lever

Hockey stick as a class 3 lever.

Next week we will be discussing inclines planes :)

We also went on a field trip to visit a local radio station and learn how things are done.  We had an excellent tour and MarioFan was thrilled that he got to talk on the air (in a group setting).

My husband was a DJ for his college and says it has come a long way  since we worked int he studio:)

Seeing all the equipment...I was surprised to learn that DJ often pre record their segments and  a 4 hour radio show only takes about 30 minutes to pre record!  

The Guide showed the kids the equipment and then let the kids record their voices 

Using  the mic:)

Then he showed the kids how their voices can be manipulated and inserted into a radio program.  IT was quite interesting:)

We did see a DJ in action and saw her work the computers for adding songs, answering calls and she even talked to the kids on her live show.

the computers which lines of the songs and what is to be done next.

We were also shown the cough button which a DJ can press if they need to during  their show.  The kids were told it can be used for all other noises beside coughing, which the older students understood and laughed about:)

For history we are continuing our discussion on WWII, we are concentrating more on Hitler's rise, and the holocaust at the minute.  Firedrake is reading The Dairy of Anne Frank while MarioFan is reading The Number of the Stars and the "book What if They Find Us?".

The kids Christmas Piano recital and Coop Christmas party are this weekend, in addition to my husband work Christmas party!!  Lots of activities this weekend and I am sure to be exhausted:)

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