Friday, 18 November 2016

weekly wrap up 11/18/16 -- Kids Election

Not sure how but I appear to be about a week behind on my posts, lol.  Last week our coop participated in the school kids election!

The coop invited any homeschool family whether they attended coop or not to vote!
A sample ballot-- the kids fill in the star beneath the candidates names.  In addition to the Presidency they voted on a few local elections.

MarioFan casting his ballot

The ballot box-- so who was the winner --- according to the counters of the ballot for our local coop TRUMP won but for the national student election CLINTON won.

I will just say I am so glad this election is OVER and it will be a rough four years for us all--for which ever candidate you voted for!  I hope next election the two parties can come up with better options then the two this year ugh!!!

We have wrapped up our studies on the Great depression and Dust bowl and now moving on to WWII.  I have a ton of resources that I am weeding though to determine what I will use and what I want the kids to read.  I have so many books it will be so hard to chose!  Last time we studied WWII we concentrated on the European campaign and only lightly touched on the shameful holocaust due to my children ages back then.  This time we will be doing a lot more on the holocaust and discussing the Pacific campaign along with reviewing the European campaign.  I am expecting us to take several months on this topic since there is so much to cover.

MarioFan Has finally completed his unit study on the Periodic table for science after spending nearly 20 weeks working on a Minecraft class on this topic and building a periodic table lap book.  Our next science unit study will be on simple machines, talking about levers, pulleys, inclines.  I will be mainly pulling from the following book and the k'nex kit I bought.   My friend from England sent me her notes on the unit she just completed with her students and I will be using that as well:)

Next week is Thanksgiving so I am taking a week off blogging to spend time with my family here at home.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you all in a week.  Thanks so much for following and commenting on my little blog:)!

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  1. I agree with you on the election infact, every word you said. This next 4 years seem a bit scary to me.
    I do enjoy reading about what your homeschool is up too. World War II Studies should be interesting for sure. I really love history. Blessings and hugs~ Have a lovely Thanksgiving~