Friday, 11 November 2016

weekly wrap up 11/18/16 Federal Reserve and more flight activities

We had a tour with our Homeschool group to visit the Federal Reserve museum in the city.  Since we are studying the depression era in history we thought it would be a great experience and it was!

The great seal of the state of finances was stamped on the outside of the building.

A cube of 1 million 1$ bills, actually it is hollow inside as a million dollars weighs over a ton and the floor of the building couldn't support that weight according to the guard:)

Once we arrived we watched a short film on how the federal reserve got its start back in 1913 but didn't really tighten up on regulations until the 1930's

This is the original bank tellers window that were used in this building until the 1990's
Learning exactly what the Federal Reserve responsibilities are

There was lots of hands on activities explaining how the economy works

MarioFan found out exactly what he needs to do for his chosen career:)

Learning how long $ is in circulation before being destroyed 

Watching a video on workers sorting old money 
That is a whole lot of money to be holding:)

Understanding how our currency is marked to protect it from Fraud.

All the kids loved playing the buy and sell game.  Mario did better than me and made tons of money!  hope his luck continues into his adult life;)

For book club this week the boys read about Amelia Earhart and we did a few activities.

The boys played a game on flight learning about Drag, weight, thrust, and lift.
We got out all the paper airplane we built (five different types)

and took turns launching them

and measuring the distance they flew

Next the boys wrote down the measurements and graphed the results and then noted which airplane was the best and which was the worst.

There was a clear winner the classic dart:)  

measurements aren't exactly accurate as some planes flew further than our measuring tape went so we did estimate a bit:)
The boys had a lot of fun with this activity.

We also mapped out Amelia Earhart's last flight but somehow I forgot to take pictures of that:(

Firedrake is loving learning the Japanese language and is coming along very nicely.    She meet with a tutor once a week and studies very hard!!!

That is our week in a nutshell, always busy.  The kids in our coop are voting this week for the Presidential elections and the results will be next week.  I for one will be very glad when this election season is over!

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