Friday, 8 July 2016

Weekly Wrap up 7/8/16--A new family member

We have begun the slow reentry into schooling for the kids and it has been a smoother transition then I thought it would be, whew.  You just never know when you take a longish school break around here:).

This week I wanted to start relatively slow so Firedrake (9th grader) just started to work on Biology, Spanish, piano, art and Psychology.  In addition Firedrake continues to volunteer at the World Bird Sanctuary weekly.

MarioFan is working on Spanish, Math (beginning new Life of Fred book), Kid coder computer, and Minecraft Periodic table (finishing it up),

Next week I will be adding in History beginning WWI as I have gathered all my resources. Geography workbook looking at longitude, latitude and using an Atlas and reading a WWI novel with a book study included

Around the house I finally got my new stain glass piece hung up this week.
This is now hanging in my living room window!  I am still deciding on my next project 
We also got a new family member this week.  We lost our little hedge hog, Soncie a couple of weeks ago and while I knew we didn't want another one as they require a lot of work I did want to get something little to hold so I just happen to be at the pet store buying food for our other pets when I noticed a little guinea pig all alone that someone returned to the pet store.  I managed to talk the store into lowering the price and brought her home.  My kids are very excited, my husband not so very much, but he has since come around.  So we are introducing a new family member.....

MarioFan decided to call her Marie

Introducing Marie to our Dog who is a little put out about the newest family member

My husband while not thrilled about have a new pet soon came around and loves holding her.

The kids and I have been doing lots of research on how to properly care for a guinea pig.  We have learned quite a bit.  We are hoping to give this little girl a great life!

For 4th of July Firedrake made a yummy Blackberry cobbler.
we used the Pioneer Women's recipe

It didn't last long once it came out of the oven.

That is our week in a nutshell:)


  1. Lovely guinea pig. We haven't stopped for the summer yet so it seems funny to hear about you restarting.

  2. Guinea pigs are the BEST! (Though, admittedly, I've never owned a hedgehog, lol.) Seriously, though, caged, contained, low-maintenance, yet much sweeter/social than most rodents! Enjoy :)

  3. My kids have been begging for a guinea pig... but we're still dealing with a sick elderly cat so they'll have to wait.

  4. aww!!! I am struggling with puppy training right now. Chewing on my new carpeting. I am dying! We are going to "start" back with curriculum in August. I see the lazy setting in terribly with the kids.

  5. I do love the subjects that you are going for your children; awesome! Yes, a Guinea Pig looks like a fun little creature to nurture. I love the photo of the little pig with your hubby.
    Your stain glass piece is lovely. Hugs~