Friday, 1 July 2016

weekly wrap up 7/1/16 Clearwater Vacation

We just got back from spending a week in Clear water Florida for our family vacation.  We packed a lot of field trips as well as a few days just sitting/swimming by the beach or the pool.

Our hotel was very near Pier 60 which has lots of artisans and nightly entertainment 
We spent an evening watching the sun set over the pier 

My husband swears he saw the green light right as the sun set below the horizon.  The kids and I didn't see it

We spent two days just at the beach swimming and playing on the beach toys.  Firedrake was very disappointed with the snorkeling here as there were no colorful fish to see.  

the kids loved riding the jet ski with Dad and wanted to do many times but for those prices once was all they got.

First time the tried the banana boat ride and they loved it

the hotel served drink on the beach and on a super hot day a strawberry daiquiri was wonderful!

We also visited Clearwater Marina where Winter lives.

staff getting ready to release a turtle 

There is Winter without her tail and her friend Hope (whose story is told in the second movie which the kids and I haven't seen yet)

We also spent most evenings after running around at the hotel pool just so we could cool down.  MarioFan was disappointed that this pool did not have a big slide (actually it didn't have any slide which was a big disappointment for him)

Lots of new restaurants to check out and the kids getting along:) 

We feed baby alligators

Played mini golf Mariofan's favorite 

Had lots of fun picture opportunities 

Visited the aquarium to see Florida marine life 

Moray eel

green moray eel 

Visited a WWII Merchant Marine ship called the Victory which is a similar vessel to the one my husband father worked on during the war

Lots of entertainment was found--this group did a reggae version of Purple rain that was very good.

Took a boat ride to see dolphins and get in more snorkeling.  

Saw dolphins but the snorkeling was a big disappointment for  us.  We got the feeling that this area in Florida is not a great place to see colorful fish:(

Tried cuban food at a restaurant that was excellent

Visited the Salvador Dali museum where there is the largest collection of his works are exhibited.

My daughter was particularly thrilled with this exhibit.  We bought back several poster that we hope to framed and hang up.
Visited the Chihuly glass collection -- I was thrilled to be able to use this blog as proof that I was a home educator and we were able to get in for only $5 a piece which was a $60 savings, YAY!!!

It was a small exhibit...

But I really love his glass work.

Visited the Hot shop and watched a glass blowing demonstration.

Whenever we go away on holiday My husband and I always buy just one thing that will remind us of our trip.  It often takes us until the very last day to find that something special that we will bring home to display.

We found this at the hot shop studio.  

Next week we will be back to our normal routine and schedule and beginning our summer school (light load).


  1. Oh I really enjoy visiting Florida. Never went to Clearwater and it looks divine. Visiting from Weekly Wrap up.

  2. What a lovely vacation, and those are beautiful photos. Visiting from Weekly Wrap-Up!

  3. How fun!!! I can't wait until we get to go this fall. The kids are dying to go to Clearwater Marina to see Winter and Hope.