Friday, 15 July 2016

Weekly Wrap up 7/15/16--A buddy for Marie

Our newest family member, Marie(guinea pig) is settling very nicely and is quite the little talker, squeaking constantly.  The kids and I have been reading all about guinea pigs and learned that they are herd animals and tend to do better with a buddy.  To be honest I wasn't sure how this was going to go over with my husband but he surprised me and was all for getting another guinea pig in order to keep Marie happy.  So we found another female guinea pig (as we do not want any babies) and are slowing accumulating them to each other.

Firedrake named this one Camilla and she is not nearly as chatty as Marie but still very sweet and calm.

It is recommend that we have them in separate bins but get them out in their play pen a couple times a day and monitor how they behave towards each other.  So far they seem to do fine together as we haven't seen any aggressive behavior.  

after about a week of bonding with each other and us not seeing any aggressive behaviors we put together a new cage for them and now they are living together.  It does appear that Marie is going to be the dominate female as she is quite the bossy little thing, so far Camilla seems to just go along with Marie's bossiness :)

My son has met up with his friend from coop and we went to Sky Zone, the trampoline place that recently opened near us.  Both both were exhausted after just an hour of jumping.

Also this week my husband and I spent a little one on one time with a child., which we try to do every quarter.
My husband and son chose to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast
My son wanted to see the movie Dory so they went to one theater while my daughter and I went to another theater since both kids wanted to see the same movie

My daughter and I went out to breakfast as well and went to see the movie Dory but at a different theater.   At breakfast it is nice to be able to talk to my daughter and find out what is going on in that teenage head.:)
My husband and I enjoy taking one child at a time to do an activity so we can talk to a child one on one.  As homeschoolers we do so much as a family that I feel that the kids and us as parents need to have some one on one time to just connect and see each other as individuals not just a family unit. 


  1. Isn't it nice when kids get to have one on one time with us? Glad you had an exciting week. Did both kids like the movie?

  2. Hm...good to know; I had no idea that guinea pigs tend to do better when they're not alone. My kids have often asked for various pets and guinea pigs are usually at the top of their lists.

  3. I thought the guinea pigs sounded like a fun project or addition to the famiily. We did the same thing with our dog Sammy; we got him a friend and it worked perfectly. Later I sweet SueSue died and he is alone now but doing well by himself.
    I love that you have dates with the kids; we used to do that too.
    Blessings and hugs~