Friday, 24 June 2016

weekly wrap up 6-24-16 Loss of a Family Member :(

It is with sad heart that we announce we have lost our pet Hedge Hog Sonic recently.  We had him for about 2 and a half years and he was about 4-5 years old when he passed which is the average life span of a hedge hog.   I grew really attached to this little  creature whom we rescued unexpectedly a few years ago.  So today I am posting some of my favorite pictures of Sonic.

trying a horn worm as a treat---he preferred super worms and crickets

doesn't he look like he is smiling he was probably waiting for  a super worm treat 

In his cuddle sack on my lap and sometimes he like to climb out and look at me

He loved to explore in his exercise ball.  

Sometimes he was antisocial and didn't want to be bothered :)

My favorite picture of him--getting ready to snack on a super worm

HE enjoyed being outside

He had so many funny expressions

Bath time was not his favorite acitivy
My husband dug a hole under our deck where we laid our sweet pet to rest and said our goodbyes

My sweet husband bought a little outdoor statue to place on his grave.  Originally we thought of putting it out back but have now decided to place it in our front garden so I can see it every time I come and go.:)

We will miss our little ball of grump.  While I love this little creature we won't be getting another one any time soon as they do require a lot of work and attention.  However when I do think of hedge hogs I will always remember my little Sonic.


  1. He was adorable! Thanks for sharing his pictures with us.

  2. He was a very well loved and cared for pet.
    Blessings, Dawn