Friday, 22 April 2016

weekly wrap up 4/22/16--Piano and project show

The kids had their spring piano recital performances with their piano tutor.  Both kids played very well...but I am very biased on that front:)
MarioFan played Rockin Robin

Firedrake played Samba by her favorite Modern composer - Ludovico Einaudi 

Hard to believe there is only 5 weeks of coop left for this coop school year.  Lots of activities happening at coop as the school year closes.  The coop put on a project fair where kids could display something they were working during this school year.

MarioFan working on his project board--putting together everything he learned about Bridges over the last several months

How he set up his table at the Fair

Firedrake did her presentation on Gilgamesh and did 80-90% of the project by herself!

Her project board set up.

There was no judging for this fair just the kids getting together and showing what they have been learning.  There were over 50 kids present this evening ranging in age from pre K to high school.  Topics ranged from favorite stories, famous people, science project and everything in between.  I learned quite a bit looking at everyones boards!  After all the parents and kids looked at the boards there were snacks and certificates handed out to all participants.  

We also attended a Hockey game this week.  We watched my husband's favorite team the Capitals beat the St Louis Blues 5 to 1.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will earn the Stanley Cup this year as they have an amazing record this year!
We proudly wore our Capital jerseys and weren't heckled too much by the Blues Fans:)

It was a fabulous game and we loudly cheered when goals were scored!
Another great, but busy week for us all.  Next week is still looking busy.  We are going full throttle until mid May!

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  1. Great job on all the activities. I love their piano recital videos! How awesome!