Friday, 15 April 2016

Weekly Wrap up 4/15/16

Another busy week for us as we work on many school projects, field trips and family outings.  Spring is in the air and we are anxious to get outside and have fun so we are reducing our school work and taking advantage of some of our warmer days.  Since we school year round we can easily do this:)

Firedrake is continuing to work on her fencing skills and participating in class tournaments, even winning a few games.  She is really enjoying this sport and has asked to sign up for next session.  Right now she is working on her foil technique, next term is using a different type sword.  
MarioFan is trying a class in Floor Hockey at a local gym.

MarioFan has finished up his bridge unit by looking at how iron (metal deteriorates) and how engineers inspect bridges.  We watched several videos on bridge inspections and if you are already afraid of bridges I don't suggest you do this:( currently our country's infrastructure is a mess.  We watched several bridge collapse videos due to bridges that were compromise, pretty scary.

After going to the hardware store and finding untreated iron parts we added them to 3 different solutions, plain water, vinegar and salt water 

after 2 hours we pulled out the pieces and examined them noticing the differences in the metal. 

next we left the metal pieces in for 1 week and then recorded the difference, it was pretty amazing the amount of  deterioration of the metal in such a short time.

We squeezed in a field trip to the Holocaust museum with a homeschool group.
 the local Holocaust museum and saw a play about an 11yr girl who had to leave Germany without her parents as the Nazi rose to power!
 I will admit I teared up during this play it was very emotional.  
Next we toured the museum and examined pictures and stories of the many survivors of the Holocaust.  

When we took our kids to see the German concentration camp several years ago I told the kids this poem and we had a discussion about it then.  Both kids pointed out this sign to me and remembered the discussion we had in the past

One of the docents did an excellent presentation about Genocide around the world and about leadership and hate.  Many of the homeschooling kids mentioned our current political process and how similar it is to her discussion.  I couldn't agree more!

That has been our week in a nutshell.  Hope yours was a good week too:)


  1. I am pretty sure if I checked out bridge videos I'd never want to drive over one again. We have a bridge that our state deemed unsafe and since our town did not have the money to fix it and it would cause serious problems with emergency vehicles to close it they compromised by making it one lane. We have to drive over it everyday; luckily it's super short but I still hold my breath every time! Luckily they're fixing it this summer--finally.

  2. As always you provide some interesting school moments. I love that your daughter is doing fencing and your son floor hockey. Yes, I do think there are many bridges that are not in good shape.
    I am amazed that there is a museum here in the US on the Holocaust. I had no idea. I do feel strongly that is should be taught. I hate the thought on the Genocide around the world. Politics right now is a huge mess in my opinion. Blessings!