Friday, 29 April 2016

Weekly Wrap up 4-29-16--building DNA Helix model

Firedrake is working though EO Wilson's biology book this year and recently finished up a chapter on DNA.  For her lab assignment she built a DNA model using this kit.
I bought this kit years ago but felt at that time the kit was to complicated assemble when the kids were younger:) 

First we needed to paint all the parts.

using toothpicks we set the pieces up to dry.

Next she needed to string the balls in order to make the strands

Two identical strands that represent the Phosphate groups (yellow) and the Deoxyribose sugars (green)

Next we made a set made sets of Adenine and Guanine (red and blue) and Thymine and Cytosine (pink and black)

assembling the pieces together

adding labels to our model so we can remember what is what:)

Completed DNA helix model

Since MarioFan has completed his Bridge unit he is working on a Minecraft class learning about the Periodic table.  I am sure I could do some extra projects with it but I am giving myself a bit of a breather and just letting that be his science for the next few weeks.  This summer we will begin working on the K'nex simple machines kit that I bought

For History we are working on the Spanish American War and Teddy Roosevelt era.
Just a few of the books were have read.

We have also watch several videos about this era, such as the Roosevelt documentary and Crash Course progressive era videos. Next up is to talk about the lead up to WWI and what was happening in the United States just prior to the war.  When we studied the WWI before we had already look at the European side. This is a topic I expect to take us though the summer months.


  1. What a nice model! I remember DNA being so confusing in high school. I bet that's a great way to learn.

  2. What a nice model; but that definitely looks pretty time intensive!

  3. Nice model! We love hands on learning!