Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 10-23-15

Here is the scarecrow we found this week in town!
found at the local post office:)  We enjoy going through town finding these awesome scarecrows!

Firedrake had her Spanish country presentation this week and did awesome!  Since Firedrake was unable to stand and move about easily I came to her class to help pass out the Tres Leche cake and help her with her country props.  Once I wasn't needed anymore I took a quick picture and snuck out of class!

Next week is MarioFan's presentation so he has been working hard at home putting together his presentation.  Since he is younger the requirements are slightly different.  MarioFan's country is Costa Rico and he decided to make a decorative Ox cart which is the national symbol of Costa Rico!

MarioFan starting working on in-between classes at the coop.  Instead of paint we used scrapbook paper to decorate our ox cart.  MarioFan also learned the fascinating history of this unique custom and craft

We found some patterns of ox cart wheel and learned they used spokeless wheels.  Each cart has its own unique design painted on the cart.  A children's story that we found to help explain this custom can be found here .

His finished Ox Cart which he will show during his presentation next week

Next we made Suspiros which is an Costa Rico dessert.  we used this recipe Here MarioFan is learning how to separate egg whites.  Can you tell by his face he is not a fan of this process.  

The finished Suspiroes which is basically meringues. This is the first time we have ever made these and they turned out great!  While we sample a few we plan on saving them for MarioFan to take into class for his presentation.
Another thing he is going to discuss during his presentation is how Male folk dancers dress in Costa Rica according to our research.  barefoot, jeans, long sleeve white shirt with a colorful sash and a straw hat.  At home we watched a few folk dancers on Youtube.

My sweet Husband and I had a date night with some visiting relatives this past weekend.  We tried out a new East European restaurant and it was excellent.

I loved the food presentation...this was a scrumptious apple strudel dessert

We also took a drive thru Lone Elk Park which is local to us and some the elk on a cool autumn day.  So beautiful

That is our busy week in a nutshell, lots of school and fun things happening:)


  1. How neat. I like that co-op style. Wish we had something like that nearby. :)

  2. Loved reading your update for the week. You always have something interesting going on. I loved the picture of you and your hubby. Your son had some great projects! Hugs!