Friday, 30 October 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 10/30/15

It is one week till Halloween and I still haven't had time to put out the decorations, at this rate it probably won't happen:(.   I do have pumpkins but they haven't been carved, maybe there is time this week!  School wise, we are keeping busy and getting lots done.  We took one field trip this week and got some volunteer hours in!    I am trying to do more activities with the children that involve helping others, while our family donate every year to a cause, we haven't been good about volunteering our time for those in need.  I wanted to change that for the kids and for myself. While we haven't picked anything as a permanent volunteer job we are trying out lots of different things.  I am hoping one thing strikes their heart and it becomes their passion!

MarioFan completed his presentation on Costa Rica and did a great job.  Public speaking will not be a problem for my kids in the future.

My husband and I each took a child out for dinner one night this week to have some one on one time.  MarioFan chose to go to Cracker barrel with me and while waiting for our meal we played a Pokemon card game.  I think he made up most of the rules  because the game made no sense at all to me and I always seemed to lose;).  My husband and Daughter chose to go to a Mexican restaurant and can you believe they didn't take a picture, seriously how long have I been doing this blog and my family know I take pictures of everything!!!  oh well just trust me they went and had a great time bonding together!

This week the kids volunteered for 2 hours at "Feed my Children"  This was the first time we have participated and it was so well organized.  I am told this event has been happening in the area for 9 years!

Since FireDrake has a broken foot and is unable to stand she was assigned the labeling job for the entire two hours.  She did great but next time wants to go into the other room where her brother and I spent our time.

There had to be over 50 volunteers and there are several 2 hour shifts over a three day period .  The goal is to make 5 million meals by the end of the 3 day period. These meals are sent all over the world to help feed children.

the mix included dehydrated veggies, rice, soy, each bag was weighed and had at minimum of 380 g of food inside which makes approx. 6 servings

Every volunteer had a job!  The filling bag station and the weighing station

Packaging station

Since MarioFan had a cold he was assigned the sealing and packaging team, making sure he wasn't passing any germs to the food.

sealing the bags with MOM

boxes packed and ready to ship.  Our table alone packed up 19 boxes with each box containing 36 bags of food mix

At the end of our visit they totaled up the amount of meals 

And showed us a video on how this food is helping children in need around the world.  It is a tear jerker !

My husband and I went out on a date--two weeks in a row that has to be a record for us!  We found another cake celebrating 250th birthday of St. Louis.  

We tired out a German Restaurant that was recommended to us and it was so good!!!!

MarioFan is still learning about electricity and working on a new snap circuit kit.  He is also reading about Thomas  Edison.

I have signed us both up for an electricity course through Coursera which begins in Nov, while it high school level I thought we might be able to get something out of it cause honestly, I have gone as far as I can with teaching this topic!
FireDrake is still hobbling about on her crutches but the complaining has decreased!  We are looking forward to this afternoon and finding out if she can be in a walking boot which will be so much easier on everyone!   While she did get a halloween costume this year it depends on the Doctor if she can actually go out trick or keep your fingers crossed for us all:)


  1. What a great week! I believe that is the best charity program I have ever seen.

  2. What a great week! I believe that is the best charity program I have ever seen.

  3. I do hope your sweet daughter got to go out for Halloween. You do have a busy week. I love that you take your children out to dinner separately; awesome. I really loved the service project you did; that is such a valuable things to learn and do. I think it great you are doing dating nights too; that is so important in married life.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures on this one; hugs~