Friday, 16 October 2015

Weekly Wrap Up 10/16/15

This has been a rough week all around.  Firedrake is very unhappy about being non weight bearing on her left foot and having to use crutches, her attitude is the pits:( right now making life in general pretty miserable.  We only have two more weeks of this before our next Doctor appt where we both hope she will be able to move to a walking boot!  This is the first time she has ever been really injured or sick and I can honestly say she make for a horrible patient:(.  I caught her walking around the house without her crutches over the weekend and she reported that her foot feels better.  I called the doctor to see if she could move to a walking boot sooner and both of us were told that she is doing damage to her foot and she is to remain non weight bearing until Oct 30 or risk surgery.  When we got off the phone Firedrake told me she was very angry with me.  When I ask why this wasn't my decision but the doctors, she said "I have to be angry at someone and you're it."  Ugh Teenagers and their reasoning:) and luckily my husband and I have a good sense of humor:)!

You would have thought riding around in a scooter would improve her mood, but nope she hung on to her surly attitude!  Oh and I fear for the day when she earns her driving license because she has no depth perception apparently:(

We discovered a new restaurant in the area.  The kids are studying Spanish countries for their Spanish class, Nicaragua for Firedrake and Costa Rico for Mario Fan.  

We had what the restaurant called a traditional Nicaraguan meal: Gallo Pinta (also a costo rican dish), carne asda,  and fried plantains! So both kids got to taste a food that is from their country!  

The whole family loved it! Every one wants to go back again! 

We stopped at the halloween store so the kids could pick out their outfits.  What they chose is a surprise for a later post:) I swear every year costumes get more expensive!
Firedrake is working on her Nicaraguan presentation that she needs to perform in class next week!  This week she worked on making a Las Chapas game, which is a popular Spanish game played in many Spanish countries.  Las Chapas is a bottle cap game and players often decorate their bottle caps before playing.  People young and old play this game and their are several videos on you tube of kids and adults playing the game.

While the game looks easy it is actually quite challenging as the course can be changed to be more challenging.

We also made a Tres Leche cake at home which is a very sweet and moist cake made in many Spanish countries including Nicaragua.   This is the recipe we used
We were trying it out ahead of time to see if we could make it and bring it in for her class presentation.  It turned out awesome so she will be making it again and taking it into class to share
While out and about we found another scarecrow in town.  There are over 50 scarecrows at local business and it is fun driving around town to see them. 

That is our week in a nutshell...linking up with weird unsocialized homeschool for the weekly wrap up:)  

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