Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our New School Room

This is my fifth year homeschooling and our new home has a room that has been designated as a school room.  It is so exciting not to be using our dining room table anymore!  We are still putting this room together as we just moved into this house about 3 weeks ago and our furniture just arrived 2 weeks ago:)  However in just a short time I have accomplish  quite a bit and slowly we will be adding a few new pieces and putting up posters to decorate our room.

As with most people, we tend to school all over the house, or at least we did in the UK.  The most important reason for me to actually have a school room is to keep all our school supplies in one location, instead of spread out all over the house.  This room is large enough for me to store everything we need in one location.  We can still "school" elsewhere if we chose but every night all school supplies, projects, books must be returned to the school room.  At least that is my plan, we will see how it goes as the year progresses:).

I wanted a bright and cheery room so I had the room painted a Sunflower yellow color.  I love it!!!

We have a computer corner for each child.  I am starting to use computer based learning programs ie Vocabulary program as well as the children are beginning to type up some of their school assignments.  I would love to have matching white corner computer tables one day(found at Ikea)  but for now we are using what we own to save money and because these items are still perfectly usable although a bit ugly;)

The wall along side my daughter is where I hung up two super large Maps.
I also have a large History time line poster that I want to hang up there.

This area beside my son will eventually hold our 2 large white boards.   Right now they are resting against the wall along with all my posters waiting to be hung up and as soon as we can find our tool box it will get done:)

This is my area, the wooden amoriare holds my educational games, some art- n-crafts and miscellaneous items.  I am still working on this area.  I  have my own computer, thanks to my Husband, who insisted on that, as well as two bookcases which hold various resources, teacher text books, science kits, and some art supplies we use regularly like glue, scissors and colored pencils and pens.  Again this area is a work in progress.

This wonderful wall is for the all our books-- I haven't completely filled the shelves yet as I am still not finished unpacking.  I love these shelves (from Ikea) as they are 7 feet high and each shelf can support up to 63 lbs,  which is great because we have a lot of books and I wouldn't be surprised to find that every shelf is completely full when I finish unpacking.

This area is where the kids do their work, but we do still tend to move around a bit.  I bought two thirty-one bags , one for each child to place their books in and it can be carried around the house,  however by the end of the day it must be back in the school room.  It is working so far.  I also hope to have installed a wall mounted TV high above this table with a DVR player and APPLE TV.  The TV is for us to view You tube videos, or Documentaries that are relative to school.  It will not be connected to cable:)  I also plan to eventually have their art work displayed here using the Dignitet system from Ikea. 
This area currently is still needing to be unpacked and put away.  I will eventually get them put away when I find a storage system that I like.  Right now this is mostly our art and crafts. I am hoping to find an inexpensive small couch or futon that we can place here for when I read to the children from our books or watch the TV as it will be directly across from that area.  I also have binders filled with the kids school work from the past five years that I need to find a place for.    Since we are new to the area I am not sure how long I am suppose to hold on to things like that, but I am keeping them just in case I am ever asked to provide proof of the kids education.
So that is our new school room, there is still a lot more more work to do to make it perfect, but for now this is our new space and we have already begun to do school in this room.


  1. Love it! So happy you are settling in!

  2. How fun to have a room to hold school in; I love it. I can tell you are enjoying putting this room together. I love the yellow color.

  3. I've found our homeschool room changes every year, so I'm betting next year yours will have changed again.

  4. Jealous! Love the yellow! I wish we had a designated space, but that's what I get for having five kids! Now I'm going to go see what this Dignitet system is that you mentioned.