Monday, 19 August 2013

Field trip -- Meramec Caverns

The kids for some reason really wanted to visit a cave.  They have expressed an interest in Geology this year so that will be our Science for the beginning of the year.  About 45 minutes from us are the Meramec Caverns so we thought we would take the kids and have a look.

These caverns were discovered in the 1940s and the main entrance was turned into a ball room and it continues to hold special events at least twice a year to this day 

We were told that in the 1970's Art Linkletter had a television show and dared a newly wed couple to spend their honeymoon in the cave.  They stayed for 9 days:)  Not my first choice for a place to go.  They did win a much better honeymoon from the show after their stint in the cave:)

The Jessie James gang supposedly used this cave as a hideout.  At one point being trapped inside the cave by the Rangers.  They escaped by jumping into the cave waters and finding another exit that the Rangers didn't know about.  So they were able to get away successfully.


Kids were happy to be inside and I was very surprised that they knew the terms of some of the things we saw like soda pop straws and popcorn rock....

Seeing a column excited MarioFan

Some parts of the cave were lit up with colorful lights

At the end they held a mini show against a large wall of the cave they called it the Theater room

They played patriotic songs and held a light show inside the cave.
We had a great time visiting the cave and learning a little about the Jessie James gang:)!  I found a great science kit in the gift shop to go with our geology lessons in a couple of weeks:)

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  1. how fabulous to have those caves 45 minutes away!
    I'll put that on the list of places to visit when we get across the Atlantic.....WHEN.....!
    Did MarioFan imagine any Boswers among the rock formations? Rx