Friday, 23 August 2013

Artist Lesson Frida Kahlo

The kids have been working on Meet the Masters artisit -- Frida Kahlo.  Our local library does not carry the Mike Venezia Greatest artist books:( so we made do without.  Frida Kahlo is a famous Mexico artist and she lead a very tragic life in many ways.  Contracting polio as a child and then a horrific bus accident as a young adult.  She was never able to have children after her accident.

First the kids drew their pictures out with pencils -- the goal of this project was to include Frida favorite pet, a bird, and at least 3 pieces of fruit

Next the kids using oil pastels to color it in

We also learned that many of her painting had a retablo added to her paintings.  Firedrake made up a saying, based on what she thought Frida might like, and got it translated into Spanish using the computer  "Death is the sunset of the perfect day"  she added it to the Mexican flag

MarioFan decided to just add the Mexican flag to his picture
And this is my attempt at the style:)

It took a while to find a you tube video on Frida Kahlo that held the kids interest, we attempted to watch this one together, the kids made it about halfway before losing interest.   I decided to watch it on my own once the kids left and found it very interesting.  The kids found some of her paintings to be a little disturbing:).  Please preview this video before showing it to your children as some kids might find the pictures disturbing (mine turned away from some of the paintings).


  1. Really great art work, your children are very talented!

  2. I have to get used to your kids' new blogging names. That "Firedrake" sentence had be far too confused for far too long! My brain isn't as quick as it once was! :-) All of your art works turned out very nicely. I agree with your kids, her work can be disturbing.