Friday, 16 August 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum choices

We school all year round however with our major move from the UK to the states we have taken about 2 months off (June to July). For the last 2-3 weeks we have been doing a few subjects each day to get us back into the swing of things.  I am still looking at the many home schooling opportunities in our area and trying to see what we might try this year.

Each child works at a level gear towards their ability.  Normally I would break down each subject into specifics but with the move I haven't gotten that organized:(.  There are a couple of new things that I have added this year.

Our Curriculum choices for the year

Kids are doing well with Math U See so we are continuing with this program for both kids

Language Arts:
Wordly Wise Vocabulary computer program--NEW
IEW for writing
IEW Fix it -- Tom Sawyer--NEW
Growing with grammar
All About Spelling
Creative writing -- daughter is writing her own novel in her free time:)

1st half of the year ---  Geology --  Real Science 4 kids as well as creating my own curriculum
2nd half of the year --  Human body -- I will be creating my own curriculum for this area -- I did notice a dissection class offered for children at the local community college in our area so I am looking into that option as it is something my daughter would like to do.

The kids have requested to learn about Canada, Russia, Chile (particularly Easter Island)
We include studies in cultures, religion and customs.  We will also look into doing a mini unit on a few individual states as well.

We are going to study the Pre-Columbus period and the discovery of the Americas.  Again I create my own curriculum for this area

Meet the Masters Art program.  We try to complete 6 artists a year.  We will also do art activities as it fits into our other studies

Continuing with Piano lessons with outside instruction, this includes music theory

Character Traits:
Character First program-- we try to complete at least 3 traits in a year

Foreign Language:
Spanish -- We will be enrolling in a Spanish class at a homeschooling coop--our first ever coop class:)  I just haven't been very successful teaching it on my own.
Visual Latin--NEW--
My daughter has developed on interest in learning Latin so we are going to try Visual Latin via the computer, my husband is going to learn with her as he has an interest in studying medieval history.

Continuing to encourage typing for both children either with a typing program which we have or typing school assignments.
Introducing cursive writing to my son this year, using Handwriting without Tears,  I hope it improves his penmanship;).  Encouraging my daughter to continue to use and improve her cursive writing.

I am still looking at various possibilities in our new area.  At this time nothing is on the schedule that is organized but I hope to find at least a swim program that they can participate in.

Reading--NEW way of doing things:)
I have been very lenient with the children on their reading choices.  This has work fairly well with my oldest who is fantastic reader but I have noticed she is stuck on one genre, mainly fantasy.  My youngest while a great reader is not picking quality books to read, preferring to read favorites over and over and over again.  So I have decided that I will be putting together a reading list for the children that emphasis quality books.  The children will be completing book reports or lap books based on the book selection that I have made (kids will have some input).  Currently my daughter is reading Island of the Blue Dolphin and my son is reading Wizard of Oz.  I am currently working on a completing a list for both children and am researching what is consider "must reads" for their grade level.

Home Economics/Health--NEW
My goal is to have my Daughter plan and cook one meal bimonthly, this will include picking the recipes, putting together a shopping list, looking at coupons, reading nutrition labels, and planning a shopping budget.  I hope to throw in there other relative topics as needed.  I am still in the planning stages of this idea.
Both kids are also going to be learning and doing far more household chores as we have moved into a bigger house and no longer have a cleaning service coming into the house on a weekly basis.  Learning how to do their own laundry in top on the list:)!!

I think this is quite a comprehensive list and I am still planning and tweaking things even now.  I have order all the necessary books and am unpacking our school supplies and trying to locate books, papers and items I know I already own.  I, of course, do not expect the children to complete every one of these subjects every single day.  We tend to rotate things around depending on the kids interests and what's going on in our lives.  I usually do a mid year update as to what we have accomplished and a end of year update, I am always pleasantly surprised how much we accomplished, but there are always things that we didn't get to:).


  1. Hope the move went well! Best of luck for finding that sweet homeschooling balance. I love seeing what other mamas are thinking about when it comes to the planning season. :)

    And love the kids new names! :) I haven't named my kids yet....need to think about that soon...

  2. I haven't heard of Wordly Wise Vocabulary computer program, I need to check it out! What I'd like to see is some sort of sample schedule of your days/week, just because I don't know how you manage to fit it all in. Do you have any sort of rhythm to your days/weeks? Do you plan out your week ahead of time? Or do you just wing it, doing what you can each day? Especially with all of the field trips that you do, I don't know how you fit it all in.

  3. I think you are providing such a well rounded education for your children. I do that you are going to teach your daughter how to cook, shop, coupon and etc. This is so wise. It looks like a busy year for all.
    Blessings and hugs!

  4. Hi there, friend~
    This is all so inspirational...thank you! I must get my 2013-14 post up will serve to keep me organized as well!
    In terms of sports, perhaps a CYO at a local Cath church?? To join our CYO which has 3 seasons of sports ( soccer in Fall,basketball in winter and baseball in spring) you pay per season, get a shirt and trophy at the end of the 10 week session and you do not have to be Catholic to participate. so maybe that's an option that's open but you may have thought that you needed to belong to the church in order to join up...It's friendly competition plus the kids learn the sport pretty's not cut throat competitive at all.Well, that's the way it is here; I'd assume it's similar elsewhere. Around here soccer and lacrosse travel leagues are all the rage so CYO kids are mainly just kids who want to be part of a team but they don't necessarily have the skill or the inclination...or commit to a travel league. My kids are mediocre athletes but even if they were amazing, I'd so hate to join a travel league where they'd have 2 or 3 practices per week, plus games all over the tri state area... ..this way, they can still audition for local theaters and be in the church and not have to miss rehearsals b/c they're overextended to a sport, you know?
    I know there are tons of other options such as karate and dance, but those can be so expensive. I wanted to let you know abt CYO so you might look into if if the local Cath church has a program.Perhaps the swimming will work out for you tho!

    Be well.."see" you soon!