Friday, 3 August 2012

Piano recital

Little Man had his second piano recital recently.  This is the first time we as a family had to split up with one parent going off with one child because Princess had a play performance to attend.  So Little Man went to his piano performance and I made sure Daddy videoed tape it so I could see it when I got home.

Little Man performed one of his level one piano pieces...A Story from Long Ago by Martha Meir and for his second piece choose to do Greensleeves

Getting his certificate for performing:)

Here is a short video clip of Little Man piano performance:)


  1. Way to go Little Man! Good job! Beautiful piece! :)

  2. Oh, he did SO well. Such expression! When his teacher said he passed it with flying colours, she wasn't kidding!!! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!