Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mill Green Water Mill

We went to tour Mill Green Water Mill with friends.  We have seen several mills while living in England but this one has so much history.  Attached was a Victorian Museum explaining the operations of the mill.  This building is quite old and there is record of a building being here in the Doomsday book.  It has been a working mill since the 1600's.
The mill as it is today
The mill in the 1930's
I always thought these wooden clappers were just some annoying toy:) but at the museum we learned that they were used to by children to scare away birds from the fields.  Children as young as 4 were sent into the field with these things.

Princess loves to try on the dress up cloths  -- Victorian milk maid

Trying our hand at making butter squares using the wooden paddles.  It is harder than it looks

Tools of the Dairy trade

Painting of the Victorian family that lived at the mill

the large water mill is still operational and makes flour every day.  I was surprised to learn they import their grain as British wheat is not as good.  today they were using Canadian wheat

Learning about the machinery
This was new information for me.  The large stone wheels have a special design cut into the stones to help grind the wheat.  The base stone -- the bottom non moving stone have the gray patterned lines cut into the stone.  The Running stone which is the top moving stone of the mill has the black lines cut into it.  Normally when you see the stones set you only see the smooth surface of the stones.

Sample of the cut stone

Kids trying out the old method of making flour with a rounded stone.  It must have taken hours to make enough flour to make bread

Slightly later period of stones used to grind the wheat.  We have seen and done this many times while here

The water mill which turns the mill upstairs and uses big stone to crush the wheat

Outside the mill a beautiful canal which supplies the water to the mill
Sacks of flour.  this mill supplies flour to local bakeries and restaurants.  I bought a small bag and plan to give it a try with my bread machine.

We had another great day out and about in our area.  We never know what we will find our local area but we always know it will be interesting, fun and educational:)


  1. You go on some of the coolest field trips. This looks like another really good one.

  2. Wow, I enjoyed the pictures, the explanations and of course I learned something too. Another great adventure; you are awesome. Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Do you know why it is called Mill Green Water Mill? It just seems unusual to have the word "Mill" be in part of the name of a mill. It seems like it kind of like calling a castle "Castle Arthur Castle". So next time my child is annoying me with a loud toy, I'll just send him or her out into the yard to scare birds away? Sounds like a good plan to me!