Monday, 6 August 2012

Frog Princess

I can now add Drama in Princess's school portfolio")!  Our local base had the Missoula Children's theater club hold a week's camp.  The main purpose of the camp was to put on a performance in 5 days.  For the last couple of years Princess has been saying she wants to work in the Performing arts.  I sort of drag my feet  over getting her signed up but am so glad I did.

Princess had to audition for a role, while everyone was guaranteed small part... Princess was thrilled that she got a speaking role

She was cast in the role of Ollie the wise Aspen Tree.   I was a little concerned as I have never had my children memorized anything in our school lessons and then Princess was presented with a role with many, many lines to learn in less than 5 days.  However I have to say Princess was so motivated she had all her lines memorized by day 3 and didn't want me to help her so I would be surprised on show day.

Her Aspen tree custom.  Princess wasn't thrilled with it but she quickly got over it:0

The entire cast and the finale...all the kids did fantastic and not a single one had last minute stage fright which Princess was very concerned about.  She didn't think she would get stage fright but was worried that the little ones would:).

A very proud Daddy and Mommy.

Here is a very small snippet of Princess in her role of Ollie the Aspen Tree!!


  1. Cool for Princess! My son is very much into drama and will be taking three, yes three, drama classes next year, of which two are production classes. I'm with Princess on the aspen tree costume...

  2. Princess made a gorgeous tree!!! How wonderful!!! Lydia took a theater class two years ago and loved it!. We are going to let her sign up again next year when she is old enough!!! She can't wait till she's 8

  3. How cute! Princess did a great job! Looks like fun too! :) Clicked a vote for you! :)

  4. Awesome! I love her confidence. When I played the video all three of my kids came over to watch.

  5. What a neat experience for her!
    Here from the Hop.

  6. She did a great job and I love her costume! I have a drama queen in my family too. Maybe this will be the beginning of something big?