Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A Day Away--just the Hubs and I

This past weekend my husband and I decided to hired a babysitter and go sightseeing, just the two of us. My husband and I try to do this every couple of months. While we love being parents to our children we also love being with each other and feel strongly that keeping us as a couple strong is important for our family. Plus I really like just hanging out with him:) and I am pretty sure he feels the same way about hanging out with me:)

We decided to go to the town of Lavenham, in Suffolk. During the medieval period, this was one of the 20 richest towns in England. Its wealth came from the wool trade. It was known for its blue dye wool. While there I tried to find some wool to practice my new nalbinding skill but the only wool I could find was Alpaca:( and it was not blue! I bought some anyway:)

There are still many old building that date back to the 15th century and I loved taking pictures of the Tudor style homes. I just love how crooked these homes are and there are families who still live inside of them.

While there we learned a little of the wool history at the Guild Hall (picture at the very top) I never knew just how much work went into making fabric in those days. Plus we got to see inside a Tudor style building.

The main hall

Hard to see but this symbol found on the mantle of the chimney was to ward off any evil spirits that might enter the home through the chimney, as it was the only place that could not be shut at night.

Mummified cats were often found inside the homes near the chimney's again the belief was it ward off evil spirits.

We learn all about the wool trade in the museum and I was really surprised at how extensive the procedure was.

It is reported that the song Twinkle Twinkle Little star was written here by one of its owners.

The towns church, St. Peter and Paul Church. My husband and I climbed nearly 300 stairs to reach the top tower:) Thankfully there were places to rest along the way.

On our way to the top we first stopped (after 77 stairs) to see them ring the church bells. There is a way to pull the cords in order to get the correct sound from the bell. I didn't know that!

The second stop (after approx 100 steps) we saw the bells some of which are dating back to the 1600's. While there we heard them as the floor below was ringing them -- it was LOUD!!!

We made it to the top and it was a beautiful view!

We enjoyed a pub meal and we were able to go into all the little shops because we didn't have children touching things they shouldn't be. It was truly a relaxing and fun day -- just the two of us. But it was also nice to go home and have the children greet us enthusiastically too:)

Check out these two hops:)


  1. Some of the old houses in England are awesome...they do require a lot of expensive work though and are often listed so so much red tape to actually keep them liveable!!

    I know bell ringing is a very intricate thing to do, extremely difficult...sadly that old tradition is dying down, mostly the bells are now pulled by electronics! I think this ruins tradition but that is just me. lol

    I think it is essential to have one and one time. :) Keeps relationships strong I think!!! As well as having fun of course.

    My parents got divorced, I am trying to learn from their mistakes for future marriage and see how other people do it. :) Too many divorces right now!! I don't really even agree with divorce that much except in extreme circumstances! I think people forget marriage takes work. :)

  2. Here in Alberta, if a building gets close to 50, it is torn down. It is such a tragic waste. Oh, we have a couple of buildings that the heritage society has managed to keep from the wreckers ball. but not many. :(
    Also, I think my cat could have kept out evil spirits, by staying alive. She was certainly good at driving off the living . . .

  3. @ Diane too bad they tear down the old houses. I love touring and taking pictures of the old homes we see. Each one has such character but like Bibbity Boppity Boo says cost a lot of money to upkeep.

  4. I wonder what it is like inside those crooked houses? Do the floors slant? Love the stained glass window! I wish we got more one-on-one time. We even have live-in babysitters (our teens_ and yet rarely get out.

  5. Hi Maureen, sometimes the floors do slant a bit and the walls inside the home are not straight:) You and your hubby should try to plan more time together especially since you have free baby sitting:)!!!! We can only go out every 3-4 months cause it costs so much for babysitting, nearly $15.00 an hour:(