Friday, 12 August 2011

Safari Park

Last Sunday, my family visited Woburn Safari Park in Suffolk. We have heard about this park and decided to explore it. We got there as soon as the park open so we could drive around before it got to crowded. It took about 2 hours to see all the wonderful animals roaming the park. Toward the end of the day we drove around again and saw even more animals. We really enjoyed it.

All pictures are taken with the window closed as these animals really were roaming their area freely. Although most pictures show only one animal there were in fact many animals in each enclosure I just focused on one to try to get a great shot.

A type of antelope and tigers

Ostrich and white rhino

Wolves, we saw this baby wolf coming out of the Den.

Safari personal were driving these vehicles and they were throughout the park to make sure people remained in their cars (some people are just dumb) and to assist any one who may run into trouble. The animals are free to roam and come very close to the car. Here a staff member is feeding the wolves. Later that day we saw 2 of these vehicles trying to corral the lions into a pen. It was so funny to watch as the lions were not cooperating:)


Black bears -- This one looked like it had a mohawk:)


Monkeys -- they do warn you that the monkeys will climb on your car and possibly tear out your weather stripping or your car antenna and yet there were people encouraging the monkeys to jump on their car:( by waving bananas in the window:(

Monkey really seem to like being on the buses.




While that is all the pictures I have because at this point my camera died. I was very upset at this because as you know I love taking pictures and documenting our family adventures. Despite my best efforts I could not get it to start working again:(. However we were able to see so much more at this amazing park. We walked along the Aussie trail and saw wallabies up close, watched a bird, lemur and elephant show which was more about the animals and their habitats than a show with tricks. We got lots of information on all the animals. There were also penguins, seals, and farm animals. In addition there were amazing play grounds for the children to explore. Much to my children's disappointment we were unable to explore every single one of them due to running out of time.

Although at first glance this park is very expensive I felt it was well worth the money and would love to go again.

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  1. I've always wanted to go do one of those drive through animal parks, how neat. NZ had some of the best zoos I have ever been too, but no drive through ones.

  2. Well, that was a surprise. I never expected to think a wolf was cute! But that little peek-a-boo guy really was! :)

    Also...SO happy you and the Hubs had some "YOU" time!


    from my Raising Little Rhodies blog

  3. Several years ago we went to a drive through animal park somewhere up north, but I can't remember now where it was :( Anyway, the monkeys climbed on our windshield and other animals came very close to our car. It was alot of fun! I'm glad you had far on this adventure. The pics are great! Hope you are having a great Saturday!
    Clicked a vote for you! :)

  4. There is one in West Midlands too...and this giraffe stuck his head into the sun roof on someone elses car! lol

    The best zoo is Chester Zoo...they are VERY good with animal welfare!

  5. thanks for stopping by, I agree no jeans in HI, my hubby refused to wear shorts...till after living here for a couple he owns several pair. For some reason he just didn't wear them that day. lol

  6. I love any field trip which incorporates nature!

    Here from Hip Homeschool Mom!

  7. Cool! That is definitely going to be added to my "to do one day" list!

  8. @ JEn you have been to NZ that is on ly mist of places to go. I have a good friend who lives in Wellinton

    @Bibbity Boppity Boo I will be checking out Chester Zoo and making a trip;)

    @ Maureen hope you get to go on a drive thru it was really fun:)

  9. Once again, your family tops it all for FUN field trips! We have a zoo in Edmonton. A teeny tiny one. I love it. We go a lot. But it is a walk around one. Not a 'get your antenna or weather stripping (an important thing in Edmonton)torn off. Sigh! And I've heard a saying about herding cats. (Something that is supposed to suggest impossibility.) Too funny to see someone actually trying to do it! Love your posts!