Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Adding photos to my blog

Yesterday I wrote about our trip to Duxford Air Museum, but only added one photo. The reason was, I couldn't figure out how to add more:(. So today I am sitting down at the computer trying to figure out how to add more photos to the blogs I write. I can't rely too much on my hubby as he has never written a blog before and doesn't know this site well, so I am on my own. But in a way I guess that could be a good thing as I can't depend on him to fix things for me as I will then get lazy and never learn. The best way to learn is to figure it out yourself, right? So today I am scanning in a couple of pages from the children's instructional manual and adding the pictures to the blog. I took several pictures of the class the children attended on assembling an airplane. Today the activity was to cut out those pictures and start to put a instructional manual together. Each child has the same pictures but it is their own words that describe what is going on. My youngest (age 6) tells me what he would like to say and I write it down. He then copies the words onto his paper. I do occasionally simplify his wording to make writing easier. My goal for him is to practice forming his letters and putting spaces between his words. My oldest (age 8) comes up with her own sentences (I do help with spelling) and composes her own sentences her way. I am not allowed to interfere. My goal for her is to write complete sentences, remembering to capitalize and punctuate properly. This is still sometimes a struggle. Today both children completed 4 pages before we moved on to other activities. Here are today's results.. Although the pictures uploaded they are not in the order I wanted. Will have to work on this another day:).

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