Monday, 19 July 2010

Duxford Air Museum Fieldtrip

Today the kids and I joined a large group of home schoolers at the Duxford Air Museum for a class on airplane assembly. We have visited this musuem before and always have lots fun. The instructor for the class was excellent with the children, very animated and engaging. I made sure I took pictures (and notes) of every step of the assembly. My goal this week for the kid's school work is to have them (with help) write up a mini airplane assembly manual. I am going to see if the kids can remember the sequence (based on the photos I took) as well as the new vocabulary words we learned regarding aviation, such as pitch, yaw, fuselage and plane. As with all our field trips when we got home the kids wrote about their day in their journals. My kindergartner is expected to write 3 sentences and draw a picture. I think he finds drawing a picture the harder of the two. My 2nd grader is expected to draw a picture and write half a page (large spaces) about her experience.

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