Thursday, 22 July 2010


Today I took the kids to the movie Shrek Forever After in 3 D. I have to say I liked the movie and the overall message. This is the first 3D full length movie that I have taken the kids to. My youngest spent more than half the movie with his glasses off because they were bothering him. I tried to remove mine but got a headache instantly. I don't know how he got thru it without a headache, but he never once complained that the picture was blurry. Both kids enjoyed the movie and my 2 grader even got the message, which was in her words "Shrek didn't know what he had until he lost it all". I was please to see that she understood it and I tried to discuss it with her in the car, but only got a sigh and a complaint that she was reading her book. She always has a book in her hand while in the car. Will have to look for another opportunity to discuss the movie theme. I am always so shock to hear other home schoolers say they can have great discussions in the car with their kids and it is their best time to share information. My kids want to be left alone to read. I find our best time to review some information is a day or two later in my bed cuddling in the morning. There is nothing better than both your kids showing up wanting to lay next to you, cuddle, and just talk. That said, mine are only interested in a short conversation and then want to be tickled by the mommy tickle monster:)!

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