Friday, 15 November 2019

Weekly wrap Up 11/15/19-- stain glass window and crazy weather

I have been working on a stain glass project for a few months.  this is something a little different than what I normally do.   I just finished it this weekend and finally have it hanging up in the window.

Jimi Hendrix--shown hanging in the window

without sunlight

I made it for my husband and it loves it:). It was an 20th anniversary present, just completed about a month late:(
We have had some crazy weather here.  Two weeks ago it was a beautiful fall day.  We took a lovely walk along one of the trails near our home.

Luna enjoyed chasing the leaves

found a snake along the path...not sure what kind it was so we kept a way from it 
Then with little warning old man winter showed up this past weekend and snowed.  We book a couple of records set in 1910 weather wise with this storm
first it was rain, then ice and finally snow.  we got about 2-3 inches 
I wasn't able to use our fireplace because it is not scheduled to be checked out until next week:(. I didn't plan that very well.  Hoping I can have a fire roaring before the next snowfall.