Friday, 8 November 2019

Weekly Wrap UP 11/08/19-- Dear Evan Hansen show, Eric Gayles show and UK Christmas cake

We have had a very busy week.  My husband and I went on a date night to see a guitar player that he loves.
Eric Gayles

It was a lot of fun and we had excellent seats

We got to meet him after the show:)

Then the kids and I went to see the theater show, Dear Evan Hansen!  My daughter really wanted to see this show so we bought tickets and told her this was part of her Christmas present this year!  She was very excited.  We also got tickets to see Stomp and Wicked in the next few months!  
we got there early for husband couldn't go as he was out of town

Firedrake was very excited to see this play as she has been reading and listening to the music for a while

we were a bit high but that didn't seem to matter

It was a great show, although a bit depressing in some areas.

I also got to work on baking my UK Christmas cakes, which I do every year.  I got this amazing recipe from a friend while we were living there and my family loves it.  This year I made three cakes.  I always give one to my Mother when we see her at Thanksgiving, we keep one for ourselves and then I usually give one away to one of the children's teachers or a friend.

lots of fruit and of course Brandy

all baking in the the oven
It wasn't until they were all done that I realized that I forgot to put in the candied  lemon and orange peel:(. This is the first year I have ever forgotten to do that.  I hope they will taste good.  I still have to feed the cakes more brandy over the next few weeks.  I have already ordered my Royal fondant from Amazon.

The house sure does smell nice when they are cooking!  A family favorite :)

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