Friday, 6 July 2018

Weekly Wrap up 7/06/18-- Southwest Trip

We have been enjoying our time off.  We spent two weeks driving through the Southwest.  Part of this trip was to cap off our daughters learning in Geoscience with her Dad and have her demonstrate her knowledge of geology!  Also part of this trip was because my Husband just loves the Southwest and hopes to retire there one day!  We visited many of the National parks that were on our bucket list!

I will just show a few of our pictures as I took so many!

Our first stop was to Cadillac Ranch.  I have pictures of the kids here 3X over the years.  

We always stop here on our way to New Mexico:)
 We spent several days in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Visiting local places and museums!  We also enjoy some fantastic Mexican food!
Next stop was to Mesa Verde.  It was super hot this day!

MarioFan was fearless and climb every ladder!

I did manage to keep up but those steps were steep  and narrow!

 On our way to Utah we made a quick stop at 4 corners which MarioFan really wanted to see!
Next we stopped at four Corners 

Stop we visited Monument Valley!  Which was on my bucket list.  

Next stop was to visit Glen Canyon in page Arizona  .  We have never seen a dam up close before so we stopped to do a tour!

Lots of people and cars crossing over the bridge which had to be built first before the Dam was built.  

We took a tour inside the dam and learned about it.  Very interesting.

We also experienced a cultural dinner out.  Where we enjoy Native American food and watch Native American dances.

Both kids loved the Hoop dances and declared this the best experience of our vacation!  MarioFan insisting that we go to the huge Indian dance competition that is held yearly somewhere in Arizona:). The gentleman we saw that evening is rated the 6th best in his age category in the US.  It was fabulous to watch and he worked with over 14 rings!

Next on my bucket list was to visit Antelope Canyon.  We have a fantastic guide who showed us how to get the million dollar shots with our phone cameras:) and well as many other facts.
The canyon was amazing and we took the early tour  which we were told would give us the best lighting pictures and it did!

The guide also showed videos of the canyon on the canyon walls including a raging flood that occur several years ago that killed 10 tourists!  

Showing us what a sand storm inside the canyon could look like

close up of the wall.  The color variation of the rocks were unbelievable.

dragon eye photo in the canyon

the guide also demonstrated how the canyon formed .

 Next stop was to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We have been to the South Rim when the kids were little.
MarioFan spotted beefalo (buffalo/cow mix breed) at the entrance.

Just contemplating life 

 On our last day in Page, AZ we took a boat ride through Glen Canyon!
the original Planet of the Apes was filmed somewhere along this canyon

A beautiful picture around every corner.  Plus lots of people kayaking and paddle board in the canyon.

 Moving on to Moab, Colorado we visited Island in the sky park.
Throughout our trip we listened to many ranger lectures on the geology of the area

Both kids thought the scenery at this park was magnificent!  

 Next we visited another park on my bucket list was Arches National park!

We had to wake the kids up at 5:30 to get to the park by sunrise.  The kids were less than happy with this  news!!!!

It was just gorgeous!

After visiting the Arches National Park the kids wanted to go back and take a nap in the hotel!  Teenagers, sigh lol.

We found a scenic road that took us by the Colorado river that was beautiful.
 After Arches we had to begin our trek back home.  We decided to go through Rocky National Park

Amazing to see large snow drifts in June!

Kids trying to get me with snow ice balls:)
We had an amazing 2 week trip and it reinforced my husband desire to retire in the South west one day!


  1. One of the places I have not been and want to go is Four corners. My husband won't take me because he's afraid I might not want to come back home. I won't take him to New Orleans for the same reason.