Friday, 10 November 2017

Weekly Wrap UP -- 11/3/17 Missouri Mines and school update

My husband is working with my daughter on her Science and this year they are tackling Geosciences.  For her lab assignment we took her to the Missouri Mine State Park  They have just finished studying minerals.
A friend had told us about this site last year and we had been meaning to go for a while

It is an abandon mine but it was a large functioning lead mine for about 100 years 

Right now it looks a bit like a ghost town

Doesn't look like much on the outside but the museum was pretty neat
My husband questioning her about the rock samples.  
 While my husband and Firedrake toured the facility.  MarioFan and I did a tour of the place ourselves.  I tried to keep away from my husband and daughter so they could talk and concentrate with out a younger brother distracting her;)
Looking at a drill that takes core samples

Lots of information about the geology of Missouri

The state rock--didn't know we had one!

Galena sample--this site was used for mining Galena and lead ore

Firedrake loved the fluorescent rocks.  Anytime I lost site of him I just had to look here

Lots of geodes on displayed

Caught these two talking in depth a few times.

We even stopped and looked at a few rocks outside the museum 

Afterward we went to the famous Blue Owl restaurant for a late lunch.  Next they are studying igneous rocks and we will be visiting (field trip) one of our favorite state park -- Elephant Rocks:)

Firedrake is wrapping up her history using the Guns Germs and Steel book.  We have supplemented using educational videos as well.  Next we are beginning to use Crash Course World History program, which you can view here.

For Literature she has completed a unit on Poetry from around the world and has begun reading her next book.  We just found out the author of this book just won a Noble peace prize for Literature this year!!

We are mixing Literature with our History this year so she will be learning more about Japan after reading the book with additional History assignments.

MarioFan is continuing to read and learn about Ancient Africa.  We are verging away from our History text as it only talks about ancient Egypt in depth and leaves out everything else that goes on in that continent.  IT has been quite a struggle to find resources that really go into other ancient civilizations in the Africa continent.  After much surfing we found this documentary that is quite good by PBS, called Ancient African civilizations.

There are six episodes in all and we have watched everyone of them.  Now I am trying to find books on some of the civilizations mentioned for further insight
I have searched our local library for any book that discusses ancient civilizations and have checked them all out.  It has been a bit of a struggle piecing it all together as some of these books are quite long and tedious and not something MarioFan would be able to read for very long.  So I am trying to simplify and hit the main points as we go.  We will probably will be on this topic for another week or two, before we move one.


  1. What a great week. The mine sounds cool. I love field trips.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I love field trips! Looked very interesting.
    Have a great weekend, Teresa

  3. I love using Crash Course videos for all kinds of subjects! They are great!