Friday, 17 November 2017

Weekly Wrap UP -- 11/17/17 -- lightning in a cloud, Paul Klee art and field trips

We had the most amazing site happen this week.  We saw lightening in a cloud, which I am told is called heat lightening.  The kids were memorized by it and I manage to capture a couple of pictures and a video of it.

practically the entire neighborhood was out watching the amazing scene.

There was no rain during this experience.  

MarioFan and his friend went on a field trip to the Magic House this week.  We go every year when we can get a discount entry fee.

The boys love the Magic house and had a great time working together on all the exhibits. (we go here at least once or twice a year)

We also went to one of our favorite MO state parks, Elephant rocks which is one of only a few sites in the state with igneous rocks.  Here my daughter is examining the rocks and completing her lab work for her science.

For art lessons we are studying Paul Klee using Meet the Masters and additional resources from the library.  The boys completed two projects based on this artist.

I wasn't too impressed with this lesson from Meet the Masters, I have to be honest with you as it seemed so similar to the other ones we have already done.

So I found a different Paul Klee lesson online based on his painting the "Cat and the bird"

Klee's original work  You can find several examples of this art project online.  Since both boys love Cats it was a much bigger success for an art project with meet the masters.

Boys used watercolor pencils for this project
I always do a sample to show the boys and help with the art project.  

Their completed 'Cat and Bird' art project.

In Literature the boys have completed reading Tom Sawyer.  We continued our lectures on learning more about Figurative language.
This week we learned the above 

ON Teacher Pay Teacher I found a figurative language game relating to the book Tom Sawyer! So we played that.

and a game we found on the computer.  But the boys were so good evading the villains that they never had to answer any of the questions:( We now know this option won't work in the future, lol.
We are now moving on to a short lesson on poetry using our Lightning Literature program.

While doing school work we heard some very loud snoring., and this is what we found:)

Our dog Luna snoring away in her bed in the school room,  This is where she goes most of the time:) while we are doing school work.


  1. Love the art! It's my favorite subject.

  2. The art projects are wonderful. The cloud pictures are amazing. I bet that was a memorable event that your kids will look back on fondly.
    Blessings, Dawn