Friday, 25 August 2017

Weekly wrap up 8/25/17-- Public school begins and the Solar Eclipse of 2017

Oh my, it is official Firedrake has returned part time to High School!  Her first day began this past Wednesday.  She is taking 3 afternoon classes at high school, Creative writing, Algebra, and Psychology.  I wanted to get a picture of her on her first day but she declined.  She was pretty apprehensive about going.  Her stress level was pretty high but she made it for the first week, YAY!  She is still deciding if she likes it:)

The Solar eclipse just happened in our area this past Monday.  We have been planning and preparing for weeks to make sure we are ready to see it.  We have also been keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be a cloudy day!!!

MarioFan and I read this book which is about 3 kids one of which is a homeschooled family and the solar eclipse.  It is an excellent book and there is quite a bit of science in it as well, always a plus in my view:)

Even if you didn't see the solar eclipse this is a well written book about pre teens and families.  In addition to providing information about the solar eclipse 

Prior to the big day we been working on reviewing the Moon phases and understanding what will be happening on the day.  A lot of this was review for the kids and it was nice to see they still remember most of it:)

Using a lamp and a dark room we recreated the phases of the moon

Repeating a favorite activity

Completed (again) the cookie phases of the moon!  Science is always better when you can eat your work afterwards:)

We went to the Science center and saw a small exhibit not he solar Eclipse and the last time it was seen in our area!  We also went to a planetarium show so we would know what to look out for.
Looking at just how infrequently a solar eclipse strikes are area

Learned some interesting myths from the ancient world

Looking at how the eclipse works on a model

Watch the Planetarium show on the eclipse

What we hope to see on the big day!

My son and his friend built pin hole cameras before the event so they could better see the action

They are easy to build and we found lots of variations on the web

Testing out our cameras and very please to see they work beautifully.  Each family now has two cameras to use on the  the big day.  Hoping for a sunny day that day!

Months ago I bought solar glasses and a poster to celebrate getting to see the eclipse.  The kids and I learned how to safely view the eclipse and practiced before the big day
We talked to the boys about the dangers of looking at the sun and what it does to the retina of the eyes..  We then did an experiment which the boys thought was very cool

Using a magnifying glass (the lens of the eye) the boys aimed it at the black construction paper (the retina) and after only a minute saw smoke (can you see the tiny wisp of smoke:)

They burnt a hole in the paper.  They of course had to do this many many times:)

Next they tried to do the same thing on paper paper and  it didn't burn.  We discussed the reasons why it didn't work on white paper but did on black paper and how it relates to the eye and the sun

Next we all practiced putting on on solar glasses and looking at the sun.  There is a certain way it is recommended you do this and we reviewed this technique with our boys.  
Firedrake's school was opened for the day but they did allow parents to keep their children home with an allowed excused absence, so she was able to see the eclipse with us.  I do believe the school is going to have the entire student body outside to view the eclipse but Firedrake wanted to be home for it.

I made the kids a simple form to record what they saw.  These are all the things we learned about for the solar eclipse.
I didn't take a picture of the completed copy as there was a little personal information on it but you get the idea.

And then the day arrived and we rushed outside before it was to begin getting our items ready.  We were one of the lucky ones as we didn't have to leave our house to see the entire eclipse.  The sun and moon could be seen in our driveway!!!!

Awaiting first contact:)  It was so hot outside that we had to go inside every once in a while just to cool down

Trying out our pin hole cameras but everyone preferred to just watch with their solar eclipse glasses

My pictures didn't turn out

Tried to take a picture with my phone through the eclipse glasses but it didn't work so I gave up taking pictures and just enjoyed the experience.

Looking for the shadows using a colander.  We never did see the solar bands although we did look.

It was so exciting to see the entire process and the kids and both my husband and I thought it was amazing!!!!

We celebrated the by indulging in a snack after the event:)
Definitely one of earth's most amazing moments, one we will all remember

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  1. Yeah! I am glad you all saw it. What a fun day and prep beforehand.
    Blessings, Dawn