Friday, 18 August 2017

Weekly Wrap up 8/19/17 -- loose end before school begins!

We did another Spokes Team Science day with our Secular coop group.  This time the team came from Stanford and it was their first year doing this, so it wasn't quite as coordinated at the last group but they are still working out the kinks.  The kids were only able to stay for the morning session as we had hair appt in the afternoon.
Meeting the team

MarioFan did a programming class...first the kids tried to give specific directions for making a peanut butter sandwich.  It was harder than they thought it would be;)

Next the work on building a game in teams using the scratch program

Firedrake did a neuroscience class.  They talked  about the brains function

looks at how neurons work using a nifty tool  All the kids took turns :0

Next they dissected a sheep brain and discussed the different parts of the brain and the functions

Also this week the kids participated in a student study for the computer program called the Looking Glass at the local University.  For working for about 90 min they earned a $10 amazon gift card!

About 50 kids were to participate in the study but on the day we arrived it was stormy so there were a lot of cancellations.  You can download this programming software for free and they are working to build it better hence the various studies going on regarding the program

Firedrake was a Junior Camp Counselor for two days.

Camp was called Buddies not bullies and was for at risk kids in elementary school

She really enjoyed it but came home exhausted .  I had to laugh when she said "Mom did you know little kids don't listen very well"  :)

I got a few more stain glass projects completed before school began which I wanted to show you.  Now that school has resumed my work in the studio will decrease significantly:(
Here is the piece with just my studio light behind it.
My husband wanted a replica of the Pink Floyd album Dark side of the Moon.  It was a quick and easy piece to cut and assemble.  I was very pleased with how it turned out until I held it up to the light and notice the crack in the green rainbow glass:(  I am disappointed I didn't notice it sooner:(  Now to decide if I want to go thru the hassle of taking it apart and recut the glass or just leave it.
Here is the piece with natural light form the window!

I chose not to take it apart to fix the broken glass at this time.  Maybe later

I have also finally hung up a few other pieces in the window. My husband and I did these together when we first got married.  Plus one I recently did.

When we first got married my husband and I took a lead class together and we made matching pieces.  I hung them side by side so it looks like a single piece.  The black and purple piece I recently completed.
I have also got a new Callie Lillie pattern that I have cut out (still have three pieces left to cut -- the Stamens), just need to assemble!  Can't wait to get this one in the window:)

I have another one all cut out but not assembles yet, still trying to decide it I want to do it in lead came or copper foil.
Lastly I have two patterns that I can't wait to get started on, one for my Mother and another one my husband requested for his office.
I am making this for my mother and I found someone who is willing to make me a fused plaid glass piece for the kilt and socks.  I am so excited.  I am just waiting for them to ship the finished pieces to me so I can begin.  Since my mother is Scottish the lady will attempt to make the kilt in the Menzies clan tartan:)  I am hoping to have it completed by Christmas.

I am still working on the pattern my husband wants.  I haven't been able to find a pattern on line so I am doing something outside my comfort zone which is making my own pattern, YIKES!

Next Week full time School Begins!!!


  1. The stained glass is beautiful!

  2. I love all of the stained glass. You are talented.
    Blessings, Dawn