Friday, 5 August 2016

weekly wrap up 8/5/16

We have had out of town company arrive mid week so minimal school work got done.  Instead we spent time with our friends sight seeing. I will probably post those next week.

This past weekend my daughter attended a mini comic con at the city public library and according to my husband she was totally in the zone:)

Firedrake found out there is a comic con store at a local mall and we are probably going to take her there soon.  She met the person who owns the shop and he is a fellow homeschool graduate and they spent time talking about our coop and both agreed the literature teacher is their favorite:) 

My husband caved and bought her a $35 book bag!  He is such a softy:) 

My usual tightwad daughter actually spent her own allowance money on some pictures and even came home with one for her brother!  

We found out the big comic con convention will be in the area in April and Firedrake is already making her case for why we should take her.  She has also decided on her costume and we will be working on putting it together over the next several months.  Luckily the one she choose doesn't look to hard:)  or too skimpy, whew!

MarioFan had his weekly get together with his friend and due to the heat wave we are under we took the boys to an indoor game place. Where the boys ate too much and played what seemed like every game there:)

Last week I attempted to do a sewing project but realized my sewing machines were need of a check up.  Lucky I found someone who did a quick cleaning of both machines and got one working for only $25.  The other machine still does not work so I need to decide if I want to pay $ to fix it or just get rid of it.  Knowing me I will put it in closet to avoid making a decision until our next move when I will finally get rid of it:).

Anyway I worked on recovering the sofa pillows while my husband and daughter were away at Comic con.  After I finished I realized I didn't take a before picture:(
This is the only picture I found of the sofa and pillows

The pillows were completely shredded.  This sofa is the first one I bought when I moved out of my parents house over 25 years ago.  Other than the pillows it is still in good shape.

The finished pillows.  I went with a completely different style for us this time around.  I really like how it turned out.  Gives the room a new feel:)

The only homeschool thing I accomplished this week is I finally found a Japanese tutor for Firedrake who is determined to learn Japanese.  I am still requiring her to continue with her Spanish lessons but we will add Japanese this year and see how she does.  We start in a week, Firedrake is super excited.

The rest of the week we spent with our guest and sight seeing the area.  Might have some pictures of that next week.


  1. We love Comic Con! They are so much fun.

  2. What a great week. The pillows look wonderful.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. It looks like you had a fantastic week. Comic Con is a fun one. Your pillows are awesome.
    Blessings and hugs!