Friday, 29 July 2016

Weekly Wrap UP -- Camps and more

Both kids have been camps this week.  Firedrake has been attending a free camp at the city library on movie making.
This week they learned how to write a script, film and edit on iMovie and produced a short 3 minute film in a week.

I snuck a picture as the kids decided on their script

Watching their movie which got lots of laughs.  Each child brought home a DVD of their movie.  Next week the kids are working on animation film.

MarioFan attended a summer camp locally where he swam, did art-n-crafts, sports drama and other things every day. He came home exhausted every day.  No picture of his actual camp just this one of one very exhausted child in the car on the ride home:)

You would think with both kids were in camp I would have accomplished so much this week but I didn't.  Both camps started and ended at different times and were in complete opposite directions so I spent most of my day in the car driving to and from both camps with just a short break in-between to get a little housework done:(.

We have gotten out of the practice of letting Firedrake fix dinner weekly due to our busy schedules.  So I ask her to plan at least one meal a week choosing new recipes from the many cookbooks I have on the shelf.
She choose to make Chicken Manicotti
It was very good! and everyone wants to add this recipe to our regular menu plan.

This year I intend to get MarioFan in the kitchen and start showing him some of the family favorite meals.  So I should not have to be cooking 2 nights week!  Yay!   Although the downside for me is if the children cook I am responsible for doing the dishes that evening.  Do you have any idea how many dirty dishes my two children can create?  trust me it is way to many!  

Both the kids finished reading the book War Horse and we watched the movie over the weekend.  There were several free comprehension units that I found on the web for this book,  so I downloaded each child their appropriate grade level and had them complete the work in the car  as we drove to and from camps this week:)  There was only minimal complaining:)  Next week Firedrake will begin reading All quiet on the Western Front.

I am trying to save money by recovering my sofa cushions and got a great deal on fabric at Hancocks which is going out of business in our area
But alas no sooner then I got started when not one but both of my sewing machines began to give me trouble:(  I am in the process of finding someone to fix them.  So far the quotes I have gotten are between $79 to $120 to look at them.  At that price I can almost buy a new machine.  So in the end it may cost me more to recover these cushions than buying replacements pillow after all, sigh:( This project has been put on hold until I decide what to do about my sewing machines. Sometimes it feel like nothing is ever easy doesn't it!


  1. Glad your kids enjoyed camp. That's the highlight of my kid's school year. However, the back and forth of taking them scrambles my schedule. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up!

  2. I have felt like that somethings are never easy; there is always complications. I do hope you get the sewing machines fixed for a reasonable price.
    I loved the camps that your children did. I find it amazing how unique they were. Teaching children to make a movie is awesome.
    I taught my children to cook when I had to work for a few years. Mainly, my older boys and they have become good cooks and their wives love me for it. I think it is a great idea. I can understand the messy dishes however. Blessings and hugs for this one!