Friday, 27 May 2016

Weekly Wrap Up-- summer schedule 5-27-16

So we have begun our much lighter summer school load.  While it may seem like there is a lot we are doing, please note we take a much looser stance on school during the school months.  We mainly concentrate on continuing Math and History and just reviewing the other topics making sure we don't lose any ground.

HISTORY -- We are continuing to study WWI and I put together the lessons myself using library
                      books, movies, videos and other resources that I find.

MATH -- Both kids have moved up to their new Math U See books
                Zeta for Mariofan (first we are going to look at Life of Fred decimals book)
                Algebra for Firedrake

ENGLISH -- Working on individual projects for reading, writing, reviewing grammar, vocabulary      
                and spelling

SCIENCE -- Biology for Firedrake and we are using EO Wilson's books
                      Periodic table for MarioFan and then we will move on on to simple machines (I am still
                      planning my resources)

SPANISH  -- Continuing to review Spanish so we don't forget what the kids learned at coop

GEOGRAPHY  --  I really dropped the ball on this topic last year so I want to really address it this
                       summer.  I finally broke down and bought 2 books off amazon and we will be looking
                       though them and working on a few assignments.

PSYCHOLOGY--Firedrake is very interested in learning about psychology and has on her own been
                watching some crash course videos on the topic.  We just discovered Coursera is doing a                                                psychology course and she wants to do it, so we are going to work on a .5 credit class
               for this topic that we can include on a high school transcript.  


Piano lessons both kids

Fencing class for Firedrake

MarioFan signed up for 2 weeks of camp (one week in June and one week in July)

Volunteering at the World Bird Sanctuary for Firedrake -- Firedrake is averaging 4 hours a week

Firedrake will be visiting my parents for a week on her own in June since she wasn't interested in any summer camps

I am still trying to round up some art lessons for Firedrake for the summer with her coop teacher or possibly looking elsewhere as we aren't sure he is available this summer yet.

We will also include lots of fun trips to the pool, zoo, amusement park, beach and other destinations, all of which are still being planned:)

This week we had a field trip to the Islamic Center in St Louis.  We missed several of the religious field trips this spring to to coop but we hope to do the next few schedule this summer.

Due to the request of the facility I can not show any additional pictures.  we learned a great deal
and as always we enjoy learning about other's beliefs and discussing as a family similarities and differences to our own religious philosophy.

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  1. Your summer looks like a busy one and a pretty fun one too. You are amazing to continue to do so many activities. I am afraid I was a slacker with my kids during the summer. They did learn how to work. We had a work schedule and a play one.
    Looking forward to some of your outings! Blessings and hugs~